1992 Ford F250 XLT 7.5 from North America


Maintenance pays dividends! Great Truck Ford Loyal


Upper radiator hose failed while towing my 5th-wheel from Sacramento, CA to Ashland, OR.

General Comments:

I bought this truck on a whim idea that I wanted to trade my cozy suburban life in the beautiful Central Valley, California for something more rugged and rural such as the gorgeous Southern Oregon atmosphere. So, as being a adventurous 30 & 36 year olds we traded that life for an exemplary example of a 1992 Ford F-250 4x4 XLT extended cab 7.5/460 gas V8 & automatic and a 10,000 lb 5th wheel.

The truck is far from perfect, as I do love modern conveniences such as Bluetooth, navigation, and a stereo that supports well stereo... it's original and all it's 40 amps of glory. But, I appreciate that all is original and it all works!

I recently brought it to Butler Ford in Ashland, Oregon who upon an inspection said that it was "one of the nicer older Fords brought in." And that it checked out as in good condition and ready to haul.

This was great because I knew little about what correct truck to purchase to tow a 10,000 lb 5th wheel.

Any ways, it's a beast and didn't really fail. The seal broke at the thermostat and I replaced that and the hose plus the therm.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2016

23rd Dec 2016, 16:49

Update: after driving back to CA I overheated the transmission causing the fluid to go bad. I also seemingly fixed the hard shifts from 1-2 & 2-3 by securing the negative battery cable. Before I did that, the trans would seem to lose electrical conductivity and shift hydraulically, causing it to shift hard (limp mode). Now it shifts like cutting warm butter. I also had the water pump replaced as I had a suspicion that was the cause for an overheated trans... turns out the water pump was original... 192,000 miles and 25 years old... drove back to CA with 5th wheel and made it safely with crappy WP. Rear main seal leaks a small amount of oil - no biggy and I'm addressing the lower radiator hose since I had the water pump replaced (& I replaced the upper hose myself). Once I pick up the truck, the only leak should be the rear main seal.

Seriously though. I've combed through the forums for the 62c code for the e4od transmission. Once I secured the battery cables better, the trans shifted like new (it better, it's a brand new-ish trans from Ford with only 3,000 miles & not a rebuilt one). Before, it shifted really harsh intermittently.

On a side note, MPG sucks @ 7.5 while towing a 10,000 pound 5th wheel @ 55 mph & maybe 10-12 not towing. However, I'm amazed at the sheer durability and robustness of this truck even after all these years - and I'm asking it to tow a heavy rig.

One caveat is the amount of maintenance that needed to be done. Rear brakes needed rebuilt, power steering lines replaced, radiator hoses, coolant flush x2, water pump, trans flush + filter (which I should of done before I towed...), tires @ $800 BFG A/T. And I'm sure the VSS sensor & MLP sensor should be replaced.

All in all though, it's a terrifically well built truck for the cost. Shoot, a new F250 is tens of thousands more.

21st Jan 2017, 05:11

Update: $3,225 later my trans got a full custom rebuild. Apparently the trans was toast before I bought it, despite the claim the old lady stated it had a rebuilt one, but it didn't leave me stranded. Anyways, the 250 still lives on.

31st Jan 2017, 17:52

Update: the trans wasn't toasted... still had code 62 for TCC slip and hard shifted after the full rebuild.

The fix: banging on the dashboard above the speedometer aka the PSOM... shifts brand new now, I didn't really need to pay $3200 for a trans. I really needed a new PSOM / speedometer. No codes now, no lights, and no hard shifting.

1992 Ford F250 XL 7.5L from North America


Great truck for the working man


Had to replace 4 push rods. They were bent when I bought it.

Radiator busted and heater core at the same time.

Tie rods went one at a time, till I replaced them all.

Solenoid on the firewall went, then the starter.

Door handle broke the same day I bought it.

Driver's headlight holds water.

Front fuel pump doesn't work. Didn't work when I bought it though.

General Comments:

I have been driving it for about a week now, with only one problem; I got bad gas in it, and it stopped up a few injectors. But honestly, this is a really good running truck. Paid $1500 for it, and now have about $3000 in it.

Have had the truck about a month now. Love the power and ride it has, but the big block 460 does love itself a lot of gas.

It has a lot of room for me, my wife, and my daughter. The true duals make the 460 talk to you as you push the pedal.

It's a long bed, so I can fit as much crap in the back as I need.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2011