1996 Ford F250 XL 7.3L Powerstroke diesel from North America


A good workhorse with a few pesky problems


Cam position sensor failed at 83000 miles.

Injector seals failed at approximately 100,000 miles, resulting in high oil consumption.

Throw out bearing went dry and failed at approx 90,000 miles, ended up replacing the entire clutch at the time.

General Comments:

HAs been a good truck, but had its share of problems. Dealers in the area are not very well versed at fixing diesels.

I would consider purchasing another but, would seriously consider another engine manufacturer (ie: Cummins/Dodge) as I am not overly impressed with the design of the Powerstroke. Parts are expensive, as well as repairs.

The glow plug relay is about to go bad at approximately 112,000 miles, resulting in difficult cold starts... These little nuisance items add up. My 15 year old Toyota Pickup is still running strong with nearly 250000 miles, due to its simple design.

For a truck that produces 210 HP and 450 ft-lbs, it runs well, and tows well in the mountains. I average approx 19 MPG on the highway @ 75MPH - truck has 3.73:1 rear and and the 5 speed manual.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2001

6th Jun 2004, 20:02

If you maintain your truck and engine you should not have any problems. I know guys who have 300,000 to 400,000 miles on their powerstroke diesel.

5th Aug 2004, 12:56

I have an F250 Powerstroke, 280,000 miles my only problem thusfar has been an idler pully and she still runs like a top.

13th Sep 2005, 15:26

I maintain my '96 crew cab at specified intervals. In the 7 years I've owned it I've had to fix:

Glow plug relay -- 4 times

Glow plugs -- twice

Water pump


Many other nuisances

The most frustrating thing by far is the glow plug relay. It seems like it is built to last about 8 months. Ford should be ashamed.

All that said, it is a strong performer and a good truck when running properly.