2003 Ford F350 6.0 diesel from North America


Love the truck when it is not giving trouble


Not including tires and brakes, I have spent over $9,000 on maintenance & repairs in 170,000 miles. Repairs include (3) ERG valves, (1) ERG Cooler, (11) injectors, (3) Overdrive button switches on trans shift lever, (1) alternator (4) belts & too many sensors to list. It's been re-flashed several times. Local Ford dealer keep telling me that I am using poor quality fuel. Leather driver seat ripped at seam when less than 1 year old, was repaired, but it ripped again after about 18 months. I just installed a K&N air filter to try and get back some of the 5 MPG that I lost after the most recent trip to the Ford Dealer. And 4 of it's trips to the Ford Dealer were by Tow Truck at my cost.

General Comments:

This truck has gotten as much as 21 MPG on a 200 plus mile trip on the Interstate with cruse on and unloaded, now it's around 12&1/2 MPG on same trip. One thing that it will do is STOP, I love it's brakes.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007

2003 Ford F350 XLT 7.3L turbo from North America


A powerful truck with reasonable fuel efficiency


Fuel gage reports incorrect fuel level. When tank is full, gage reports that tank is empty. After traveling between 90 and 250 miles, gage reports that tank is full. Dealership has ordered new sensor and indicated that repair will be covered by warranty.

General Comments:

Truck has comfortable seats and a most roomy cab (for a regular cab). Truck seems to drive itself; easy steering and much power on hills and in head wind. The diesel is getting between 18 and 19.6 mpg (unloaded) and to date has performed well. The only problem is the noise (much clicking) but that might be due to variation in fuel quality (have primarily been using No. 1 or D2 soy diesel).

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

2003 Ford F350 Lariat crew cab 6.0 diesel from North America


Definitely not worth the 50,000 dollar price tag, I miss my Dodge


The motor shut down WHILE I WAS DRIVING (69 miles new). Had to have towed to the dealership on my second day of ownership. Oil pump failure.

It remained in at the dealership for 4 days until they found the problem.

Poor power and economy due to computer problems. 2 attempts to re-flash computer have failed.

Horrible fuel economy for a diesel. I am getting only 12 mpg (no load) and only 7 pulling a 7500 pound boat. My 99 dodge diesel made 18.5 mpg around town (no load) and 11.5 mpg pulling 14000 pound fifth wheel.

Shakes, smokes and surges after warm re-starts.

General Comments:

There are only a few things I like about this pickup. It looks great, has a very roomy/comfortable interior, has great brakes and five speed automatic transmission.

Had it in the shop four times in only 3500 miles.

My Dodge was trouble free for the 63,000 miles I owned it and it cost $12,000 less. I miss my Dodge.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2003

20th Nov 2003, 16:21

I also have a 2003 Ford F350 Crew Cab with the New 6.0 Diesel.

It has been in the shop on average of every two weeks. I am only getting 10 MPG. The computer has been reflashed 8 times and it starts with a Check engine light on every cold start. The local dealer is not being up front with the systemic problem with this engine. I have talked to other owners who complain of poor fuel economy, rough Idle stalling and generally poor reliability. What gives here?