2003 Ford F350 6.0 liter from North America


Hi, have owned this 2003 F350 long box crew cab since 2006, 88ks. I take care of it better than myself.

I really like the truck, and would like to continue to enjoy it. But the first summer I had it, I was towing my 4000lb travel trailer back and forth to Kelowna and around that area. As I was climbing up one of the long hills, all of the sudden I would hear a loud air blast from in front of the dash, in the engine compartment, then the truck would start to chug and miss, it would blow black smoke in spurts from the exhaust. It eventually cleared up for some unknown reason.

So I took it to Ford and received the same first answer as every one else. “Oh I don’t know what this would be, we haven’t come across this much” This I know is crap; I learned that there are a lot of complaints of this; the fix for this I believe is a faulty EGR sensor. They charged me $350.00 to fix this.

The next summer, the same thing when pulling a load up a hill. I took it back to Ford, they replaced this sensor or what ever it was, and told me that they only cleaned it the first time, but now they replaced it. They wanted to charge me again. I put up a little fit and said absolutely not. At the end of the day Ford paid for it. I still do not know for sure if this glitch is solved. But now the engine light goes on and off. The code says I need ICP sensor what ever that is. But Ford wants $370.00 to fix it. I can not seem to win with this truck. Note 88ks.

Thanks, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2009

26th Jan 2009, 07:00

I believe, like me, your now a victim of "Ford's Spark Plug Blow Out". 1997- Early 2003 Triton V8's have major issues with spark plugs being ejected from the cylinder head because of only having 4 threads rather than 8 holding down the spark plug. Also, they used steel threads on an aluminum head, and because most Triton engines are high compression, the spark plugs literally work themselves free and blow out, ripping the threads out and popping the coil packs out.

This is a manufacturing defect, the fact that the dealer doesn't repair or service this under warranty is laughable. The dealer did not replace the head, they inserted a heli-coil placement and said it was repaired. LOL, they used a steel heli-coil.

2003 Ford F350 Super Duty Lariat 6.0 TDI from North America


NICE. Will buy anytime again. Actually will soon buy a second, same model, same year


The climate control.. every once in a while.. but Ford will fix that (I bought the extended warranty so I don't care).

General Comments:

F350 Super Duty Lariat Crew Cab Extended Bed all extended.

Nice interior. Easy to maintain. Very roomy. Nice gauges. Nice for pulling. Nice workhorse for the farm.

Anybody who intends to use this as a racer should be warned. This is a comfortable ride to be used as a work horse. And if one educates himself in how to get the best out of the vehicle, you will get a lot out of this vehicle. Use it as it's intended to be. I use power service additives and I'm close to 20mpg (17.xx).

I'll be brewing my own bio-diesel.. what the heck.. protects the environment and costs under $1 per gallon.

I bought it for my wife. A safe ride for her and the kids, goats, alpaca, sheep, dogs, and what else may come down the line.

Has 5th wheel already. Has a brake controller already. Has the towing program built in already. What else do we want?

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008