1984 Ford Fairlane ZL 4.1L EFI from Australia and New Zealand


What a great car! A credit to the people who designed and built it


- Alternator required replacement at approximately 380,000.

- Mountings for control panel (right side of dash, lights etc..) broke off at mountings, easy fix with some glue.

- Oil pressure gauge showed oil pressure as low when at operating temperature.

- Bonnet opening handle snapped off; must be a common problem because it was hard to find a replacement at the wreckers.

- Central locking went at approximately 330,000.

General Comments:

For a 30 year old car, it was quite surprising how well this car stood the test of time.

- Seating position was very comfortable, all switches within easy reach.

- Good visibility when driving.

- The 4.1L EFI was a great engine, easy to service with enough power for daily driving, very reliable and easy to maintain.

- I towed tandem trailers carrying other cars with no great difficulty.

- Long wheel base was fantastic for back seat passengers.

- Power seating was finger light, maybe a little too light for some people.

- Parking can be an issue with a car this long.

- The car ran well on LPG.

- Digital dash is very cool, very 1980s.

I used this car as a daily driver between 2009-12, traveling around 350km a week to and from work.

- I only ever required the car to be towed once (alternator).

- Around town driving I get 250-300km to a 75L tank of LPG and 400-450 for highway.

I have owned many different types of cars over the years, and this car would have to be the most dependable car I have ever owned.

It's sad to see so many Fairlanes in wreckers waiting to get crushed.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2016

1984 Ford Fairlane Ghia XF 4.1L Alloy Head II St 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Built to last


Engine started ticking one day and shaking for about three weeks. Performance dropped considerably during that time, but oddly enough, the problem fixed itself before I had a day free to take it to a mechanic.

The speedo on the digital dashboard stops working at times marking 0 constantly, can usually be fixed by turning the headlights on and off till it works again. When driving on cruise control at say 100km/h, and this happens, the car accelerates violently thinking it's traveling at 0km/h.

Trip computer constantly resets itself.

Driver side electric window motor stopped working.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and one I intended to keep while sharpening my driving skills, while I saved up money for somthing better. Bought at only $500 running LPG, I must admit this car has grown on me, and even though I have the money to purchase somthing better, I'm waiting for the car to have something seriously wrong before I do.

After purchase, and taking it to a mechanic only once so far to get its Road Worth Certificate, this car hasn't given me any reason to do so again.

The paint is beginning to peel on the roof, and there are signs of rust beginning to take place. Inside the car is very roomy, especially the backseat. Great for holiday trips with a car full of friends. There are four cigarette lighters inside (One on each door), while I don't smoke I found that amusing. Definitely not a help to anyone attempting to quit smoking.

The dashboard and all its indicators are digital. This car I feel was very special for its time, having features I had certainly never seen on other cars of its time. A great first car for anyone; as long as you treat it right and don't drive her too hard, she won't let you down.

On LPG it usually goes around 400km+ on a full tank.

I really hope my next car is as good in its lifespan.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2007

18th Jul 2007, 18:36

I like ZL Fairlanes. I have had one for 200000 trouble free k's. In total it's done 400000 on its original motor.