1984 Ford Fairlane ZK 4.1 Electronic Fuel Injection from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable cruiser


Air conditioner was punctured due to a manufacturing fault in the hood latch. The hood does not close properly because of this, so any attempt to straighten the latch may result in damage to the air conditioning. Apparently, this happens to Falcon XD's and it's bigger brothers.

Limited slip differential had to be rebuilt at one stage.

The power steering unit leaks fluid slowly over time, and you must top it back up every 2 months. This happened because of holding the steering wheel at maximum lock for too long.

The key lock has refused to let go of the ignition key. Key lock had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Yes, it's done almost 400,000km, but it still drives. Also consider this: it does not blow smoke and it does not drip oil, even when being almost 20 years old.

The car is still quick and can still get to high speeds.

The only reason this car is in good condition is that it has been looked after. No 'just up the road' trips for this car, so it is always 'warmed-up' and ready for aggressive driving.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2003

1984 Ford Fairlane 4.1 EFI petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Find a cheap one, and run it for as long as you can without spending money on it. A bargain


Nothing! I bought it for $800 and it hasn't given me any trouble. Nothing at all. Keep the fluids topped up, keep pouring petrol down it's throat (lots of petrol!), and it just keeps on going! I love it!!

Actually, the only problem I had was that the drivers seat lost a bolt and the runner sheared through. I bought a replacement seat which I installed myself for $60. 4 bolts to undo and do up again, et voila! That's the kind of maintenance I like.

General Comments:

Drinks petrol like it's going out of fashion, but with 225 section tyres, grips and handles great.

Totally comfortable, and has proved it's worth on more than a few long interstate trips.

Pretty fast up to about 80kmh, but then the 3-speed auto 'box just decides it's going to cruise after that. I've seen well-above legal speeds out of it.

Masses and masses of room - it's transported three people and three bicycles without using a roof rack. Enormous boot and interior.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2001

9th Nov 2009, 03:10

Find a good one, and they will last you a life time. The one that I drive again is the 1984 ZK. Great engine, roomy, and in general just has great character. Cheap to maintain, and if you have it on LPG (like I do) it's fairly cheap to run.