1996 Ford Fairlane Ghia 5L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A great country cruiser, no good for cramped city car-parks!


Timing cover corroded and leaked at 80,000k's. Common problem with V8's when cooling system isn't maintained.

Welch plugs leaking at 80,000k's also caused by poorly maintained cooling system.

Standard self leveling suspension uses Monroe gas riser shocks for the rear, which are expensive and last half as long as normal shocks. Can be replaced with standard shocks at the sacrifice of self leveling feature. I've replaced all the suspension totally and drives much better than new.

General Comments:

Very reliable vehicle if maintained properly. 3rd party mechanics generally service Fords better than Dealers.

Interior is far nicer and much more modern looking than the Holden statesman. As is the exterior, no 80's style straight lines. Very quiet, very comfortable, also very roomy and lots of rear passenger leg room. Leather seats are fantastic.

Only downside to this rolling lounge room is its fuel consumption, it averages 400k's city driving from 60 liter's of fuel, or about 700k's constant h/way.

Paint, exterior and interior still as it looked on the show room floor. Will Definitely be buying another.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003

14th Feb 2007, 03:34

I agree with your comments regards fuel economy. I have the same vehicle and and it has been a fantastic car for years. I have however, recently converted my v8 fairlane to lpg, and now enjoy similar fuel economy figures too excel owners, as well as being hard pressed to notice any lack of power. I have offered friends a drive to tell which fuel she is running on, and so far, no-one has guessed correctly.

7th Jun 2008, 23:27

Stunning and fantastic car. I brought this 96 Fairlane a year before and I love it. Engine well maintained and now I service myself; it's pretty easy. Paint is excellent condition after like 12 years. Shines better than even brand new cars. Self leveling was removed when I bought the car, so I don't have to worry about that.

Car is now 252,000KM and still powerful. I fell in love with this car; I hope it won't die, but if it does, let it die in my arms, so no plans to sell it.

Suspension is superb, but I do like to lower it. This car looks nice when it is lowered.

Look after the engine, coolant... and it will go on like a dream.

6th Jan 2013, 07:04

I bought my Fairlane NF II nearly 6 years ago.

You have to be a car lover to enjoy this car. If you think about gas all the time, can't deal with minor issues, get scared when you hear some weird noise... I have to say please don't go anywhere near this car. A Fairlane needs and deserves TLC.

Lets admit it, it's a Ford, they never listened to customers like Toyota did. I had issues with it, even changed some of the factory designs (air intake is just one example). It's got the smoothest transmission, smooth suspension, low engine noise, super comfortable cabin, and ice cold air con. The paint quality is superb; still looks stunningly shiny.

Like the other reviewer said... I will also never sell this car. Mine has already done more than 300,000KM. If I could grab the same model with lesser mileage, I might think about it, that's all.