1998 Ford Fairlane Ghia 4 Litre Multi Point Fuel Injected Straight Six Cyl from Australia and New Zealand


This is one of the best Ford Fairlanes I have owned, as well as one of the best models ever built


Cruise control buttons on steering wheel were missing when I bought the car, so I fixed them.

The ignition coil was replaced at 158,000 kms.

Have had the front muffler on the exhaust system mig welded as it was leaking.

The car was stalling when slowing down to turn a corner or slowing to a red traffic light for a while.

Distributor cap, rotor button, distributor leads, spark plugs and an engine tune were all performed at 177,000 kms - as a result, stalling has stopped.

New lower radiator cover was replaced (original was damaged from a tree stump).

Left hand power window motor was adjusted at 170,000 kms.

General Comments:

This car is remarkably comfortable to drive around town, and especially on long highway trips.

Engine response is good for a large car, its not made for taking off quickly at the lights like a little sports car.

This car is built for cruising (in comfort).

Smooth shifting four speed floor shift automatic.

The leather seats are awesome, very comfy to sit on, the seats provide great support with adjustment of the front seats being in easy reach with large turning wheels.

Big cabin space inside, plenty of room for five adults, seated in comfort.

Great factory sound system includes a compact disc stacker in the boot.

Lots of interior lighting, full power options, tasteful use of woodgrain inside.

Heaps of safety features including seat belt pre - tensioners, dual air bags, body reinforcements and ABS (anti lock braking system).

Security system is an engine immoboliser, with remote central locking.

Generous boot volume as well, back seat folds down for large awkward objects.

The fuel economy is great for a large car - I get about 20 to 21 miles per gallon around town (almost 500 kms out of one tank of fuel).

This is increased to 30 to 32 miles per gallon on the highway (almost 770 kms out of one tank of fuel).

The power assisted steering is easy to use around town and firms up on the highway.

Beautiful body styling - a few scrapes and small dings here and there, the car is seven years old now.

Some downside points are that the car is big, therefore need to be careful when parking and not underjudge distances when parking.

The heater isn't terribly warm, but air conditioning is ice cold.

Full instrument gauges are provided including a volt meter and oil pressure gauge, as well as a tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge and speedometer.

Digital display for odometer and trip meter - service indicator lights up every 10,000 kms you have travelled.

The way petrol prices are going (in Australia) we are paying too much ($1.15 per litre), I need to drive only when I really need to - like to work or interstate.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2005

1st Jul 2005, 02:40

Excellent review. Informative to potential buyers in realworld situations, fuel economy for example. Keep up the good work.

12th Nov 2005, 05:33

I have a '97 EL Falcon, and I noticed your comment about the heater in your Fairlane. In my car, I noticed the heater was mediocre and the engine seemed to be running very cold all the time - always below the normal mark on the temperature gauge.

In my case it turned out to be the thermostat (or something) was stuck and wouldn't close (or open or whatever it needed to do). After replacing this the engine runs in the normal range, and the heater is HOT. The work was done in July, and living in Canberra I really noticed the difference. Believe me, the heater works WELL.