22nd Oct 2006, 20:50

The heater problem (thermostat) sounds about right, it won't be closing, so the car takes longer to warm up, a thermostat should cost around $10 or so.

I just bought an NL Concorde, and I have to say this thing actually gets up and goes, and in respect to thee above people, my fords have always had problems, however they are cheap to replace and easy to maintain myself, as with the NL however, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the parts.

Any car is going to have it's problems. the more gizmo's it has, the more things there are to break.

28th Oct 2007, 07:32

I own a NL Fairlane Concorde also; the car gets up and moves considering its size, the 3.45 diff ratio and the Tickford 6 help somewhat in that. The 'sports suspension' that the Concorde’s come with is a fairly solid ride, but it means the car doesn't float around like a boat. Overall it’s a nice ride.

I have also had the problem with the thermostat, but I reckon if I got that hot I would also spit the dummy also. This is a quick job that anyone can do at home and the part isn’t that dear.

The SLS (self levelling suspension) also died on me, the compressor carked it. In defence for the car, the SLS pumps up every time you start the car to make sure its ‘sitting level’ the compressor was 9 years old. Once the compressor was replace for $600 it has been fantastic. (if you are looking at buying a Fairlane with SLS and the car has a tow bar make sure you find out what has been towed with it, otherwise the compressor might be fairly worn costing money.)

Most recently, the blend door motor for the climate control has given up, the motor is about $250ish I think from Fords. In Ford's wisdom they decided to put this in the deepest part of the dash, making it a major job to fix.

The body of the car is good, but still suffers from the usual Ford short cuts. Look out for the normal rust spots around rear window and also up just behind the front mudguards. If you lived in a big city like Melbourne, the length of the car may become an issue as it is longer than a wagon, and often doesn’t fit in parks due to length.

Boot space is fantastic; you could fit several bodies in there easy, or several sets of golf clubs if that is your thing. The boot also hosts the 6 stacker CD player.

The cabin itself is somewhat like a Christmas tree as there are lights pretty much everywhere. The car is also blessed with the GT steering wheel and the leather seats.

Fuel consumption around town is a little scary, average about 16-17lts per 100km with stop start traffic. On the open road this drops down to 8-9lts per 100km. Overtaking is an easy task as the Tickford 6 pulls that extra bit harder than the standard 6.

If I had a chance to buy another one, I would have to say yes. These are a lovely car; the power, and the space, the overall feeling of driving a prestige car with some form of sportingness about it.

If you are looking at buying one, go for your life.

Remember to check that it has:

A Tickford motor (red rocker cover, remove plastic belt guard you should see a “T” cast in the block).

The diff is a 3.45LSD - standard

GT steering wheel - wood/leather

Two tone seats - seats have darker grey leather in parts.

(talking to an EX Ford dealer, they use to make up mock Concordes, they would get a normal Fairlane and put on Concorde decals. People unaware would think they are getting a limited edition, but they weren’t. This way they could put on a few extra thousand.)

As you can mostly tell, I am 18 and I love my car to bits. Go get one!

Hope this helps or have I just babbled??

9th Feb 2008, 21:35

We have owned our Concorde since 2003, and although we have had some problems with it we still love the vehicle. We do frequent trips to Brisbane and with my husbands back injuries we know we can drive in comfort. When we bought ours our decals had been replaced, and as at that time we could not find out if the "concorde decal" was supposed to be in gold, my husband went ahead and had them replaced in gold.

Regrettably though we have had some problems being some the same as other concorde owners and some just related to this vehicle:

1. New radiator, as we had a heating problem that our selling dealer failed to accept.

2. We replaced our suspension, with sports shocks and had the SLS disconnected.

3. We have also had to replace a air-conditioning hose, power steering hose and just recently new water pump and hoses.

Some of these jobs my husband was able to do himself; however there are those he could not as well.

Most of our parts we have put into our car we have been able to source aftermarket, as the cost of the genuine part is completely out of reach.

Aside from these problems, and from a woman's point of view, I love the "Concorde." I love the size as I feel far more comfortable should I be involved in an accident, and I just love the luxury that this car offers.

29th May 2010, 00:43

I have a late 97 Fairlane Ghia (not Tickford), which I use mainly for pulling a caravan (about 1500 kg). I have been told by an owner to set up the self leveling suspension, hook up the van, and then remove the S.L.S fuse from the fuse holder, otherwise the combined movement of car plus van could have an adverse effect on the compressor when towing and might cause the air-bags to "pop".

I like the feel of the Fairlane, and fitted a transmission cooler plus auto-gas, also have replaced the radiator overflow tank. I am a bit disappointed with the pulling power when towing and have been advised to have the computer checked. Any advice on the towing?

Curious owner

11th Jul 2010, 20:18

I recently purchased a 1995 NF Ford Fairlane Ghia for my Dad. I must say that I was surprised with the power & economy for a large size car with a six cylinder engine. It is also comfortable & a pleasure to drive at long distance trip.

Anyways, just recently, the 'check suspension' warning light came on. To cut a long story short, can anybody give advice as to what would be the most cost effective way to fix this problem? Also, can anybody give their views on converting this vehicle on Gas?

Much appreciated,

T. Reid.

13th Jul 2010, 06:45

I have had for 3 years an EF Falcon which I occasionally use to tow a 1200kg (full size van). The car is an auto 6 which I had converted to gas.

In my experience, when towing you should leave the car in 3rd. The engine can rev more happily than when in overdrive, and you will also prolong life of the auto trans. The best cruising speed is around 80 - 90 KMH. Also, I find it better to run the car on petrol when towing, especially up hills. Gas is OK for flat freeway running but up big hills switch to petrol.

An issue is the cooling system. In my opinion the cooling system on EFs have suffered two main problems. The grille is too small (compare it to the current FG grille which is almost 3 times the size and the fans cut in too late). Over 40 KMH, the fans will not cut in to high speed until the water temperature reaches 105. When the car gets this hot, the power drops. I have fitted a 3 core radiator (a big help), but would like to have an override switch on fans.

Otherwise the car is good for towing. With a long wheelbase, the Fairlane would be even better.