1977 Ford Fairmont Standard 5.8 straight gas from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable vehicle to own, even after 33 years


Only issues with this car have been rust.

Has fair bit of rust.

General Comments:

This car is great to drive for its age.

Has enough power.

Fairly roomy interior.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2011

1977 Ford Fairmont XC 4.1L High Compression from Australia and New Zealand


Aggressive, huge, heavy and reliable beast!


Very few problems for a car of its age.

Intermittent problem with fuel pump, remedied with new pump $100.

Very minor oil leak.

Clutch needed to be replaced at 120000 - suspected to be ORIGINAL clutch!

Very faded interior/paint on roof due to previous lifetime in the desert.

Saggy seats.

General Comments:

For a car of its age it's an absolute monster. The rare 4 speed manual transmission gives the car a very sporty feel, and as for the 4.1L straight six, it's just unbreakable - doesn't use a drop of oil. Handling in the wet is like skating on ice however, even after lowered springs have been added. Rear visibility is poor due to high rear seats/small mirrors. Overall, it's reliable, not TOO bad on fuel considering it's weight (13L/100km on the highway) and has plenty of grunt. Hoping to get many more solid years out of her.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

21st Dec 2005, 00:52

I have one of these, but mine is a more rare model it's the GXL version with a 351 Clveland, does any one have any idea how many of the GXL Xc Fairmont's were built if so please email me at bmfben01@yahoo.co.nz.

13th Dec 2007, 03:39

I own a 1979 XC Ford Fairmont and it's spotless. It cost me 10,000 and I have no regrets. It has a 302 Cleveland motor and runs on petrol and LPG. Personally I prefer petrol as it runs slightly better.

I had a 1978 XC Falcon 4.1 and my only regret was selling her, as she never missed a beat and never used any oil.

I love the XC shape and the complements I get when I take her out, which is daily.

I intend to pass this car onto my son one day, and it's neat to hear from other XC enthusiasts.

Happy cruising and regards, Malcolm Pitman.

7th Jun 2008, 06:18

I remember being driven to school in a 1978 Fairmont with a 4.9L V8. Unfortunately it has been in the shed since 2000 due to the need to fix some rust in it. Other than that it has never missed a beat.

24th Apr 2016, 23:43


Do you still have the Ford Falcon. If so could you please email me on mackbowie@gmail.com.

Cheers, Mack Bowman.