1980 Ford Fairmont 2dr Futura sport coupe 200Ci Inline 6 from North America


Classic 80's car


The only problem with the car is, since they stopped production of the car in 1983, they also discontinued the parts in 1985. So as you can imagine... the parts are hard to come by.

The interior has shrunk over the years. The roof is coming undone, and the carpet is ripped up. the plastic pannels on the interior are cracked in some places.

General Comments:

I never really had any problems considering how for the last 6 years it didn't run. however I also bought an '82 Fairmont Futura with the same engine and trans, and since I swapped all the parts over, she runs like a dream. The car has a lot of guts for a six cylinder.

She really isn't that hard to work on. Especially after you realize that since it is a "FOX" chassis, the car,in all reality, is an 80's Mustang, with a longer hood, and a trunk.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2006

26th Aug 2006, 06:56

The "Fox" chassis was originally used on the Fairmont; the Mustang just used it when the redesigned model came out in 1979.

The only '80's Mustang is... an '80's Mustang. The Fairmont is and always will be a rather nondescript economy car.

1980 Ford Fairmont 4 door sedan 200 inline 6 cylinder from North America


I still miss it and I wish I would have taken better care of it so I could keep it forever


Lost oil pressure at 159000 miles.

General Comments:

A very tough car my dad gave me when I turned 16. He was a good owner, but I beat it to death. When it lost oil pressure, I got another cheap car and sold it to a junkyard because the interior and body were trashed, the air conditioner did not work, and I felt that it was not worth fixing.

It was an excellent car to have because it was reliable, rear wheel drive, and I always enjoyed driving it.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2002

1980 Ford Fairmont SVT 3.3 inline 6 from North America


An extremely indestructible car


The first day we had it, the brakes failed.

General Comments:

This car, other than the brakes failing, is absolutely indestructible. We have hit a lot of trees and rocks with the car. The engine has taken a beating, and still runs. The transmission has constantly been shifted into reverse to stop the car, and still works just fine.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2001

26th Jan 2004, 11:59

Apparently you never fixed the brakes, which is why you were hitting a lot of trees and rocks?

What is the SVT model, never heard of that designation associated with the Fairmont.

12th Nov 2005, 15:55

Could it be an acronym for Should Void Trees?

22nd May 2017, 17:33

For this car, SVT could mean either Sluggish Vehicular Transportation, or So Very Terrible...