15th Sep 2004, 13:00

Re the above comment, anyone who told you that you could get $5000 for a '79 Fairmont was either pulling your leg or is completely misinformed as to the value of cars. You would have difficulty getting $5000 for even a mint condition '79 Fairmont with only 10 miles on it.

Your car is not a collectors item and will not be for many more years yet. If the body is in poor shape it has no more value than whatever it is worth for transportation.

6th Sep 2006, 20:05

There was no "baby bird" edition of the Fairmont...

7th Sep 2006, 15:10

Perhaps that person was talking about the Aussie Fairmont?

5th Sep 2007, 11:36

I just purchased a beautiful, rust-free 1979 Fairmont 4 door. 40,100 original, documented miles. The original owner passed away, and I was a neighbor. I remember the car from my childhood. I know he only drove it around town a couple of days a week. Garage kept the whole time. Never saw a drop of rain or snow. I replaced all of the fluids, battery & a minor steering coupling. She has a minor oil leak, but, I'll fix that in the near future. I will also fix the air. It still has beautiful glossy green paint & a 'chamois' vinyl top & matching interior. All original & spotless. I can't wait to detail it and cruise. While many don't consider this a classic, it will always be one in my eyes, and, for $250, it was a can't miss purchase. I am looking for others who may be interested in starting a group for Fairmonts/Zephers. If interested, email me at mmartinez12000@yahoo.com. Thanks.

13th Dec 2007, 03:59

I purchased a '79 XC Ford Fairmont 5 months ago and it is in mint condition. It cost me 10,000 New Zealand dollars, and I was offered 15,000, which I declined as I love the car.

I agree that at this point in time they are not as sought after as the XY and other earlier models, but if you have a spotless 77 78 79 XC Fairmont, look after it, because the day will come when they will fetch big money, just as the earlier model Falcons and Fairlanes are doing now. But more importantly, enjoy your ride.

Regards Malcolm Pitman, NZ.

P.s. mine is a 302 V8 Cleveland

13th Dec 2007, 12:23

Somehow I get the feeling that the '79 Ford Fairmont 4-door we know in the U.S. is not the same '79 Ford Fairmont available in Australia or New Zealand. The boxy Mercury Monarch lookalike Fairmont was just a drive-around car, and was never meant to be anything more special than transportation. I don't mean to rain on anybody, and I support the people who have found ones in good condition for cheap money -- way to go! But collectible? No way. On the other hand, maybe they were actually offered as a muscle car by Ford in Australia. Just like the Charger in Australia was a totally different car than it was in the U.S.

18th Dec 2010, 14:00

I just purchased a 1979 Ford Fairmont, it is in pretty good condition and runs good. It has a strait 6 cylinder engine in it right now, but I want to put a bigger engine. It feels like it would really take off with more power. Does anyone have any recommendations?

13th Nov 2016, 23:48

Because that's boring and unoriginal, why not modify the 200? There's plenty of parts and plenty of mods for these engines.

18th Nov 2016, 08:52

It's still a 4 door. Keep the body waxed and interior nice. And leave it stock, all original components intact. If you are into performance, buy a Fox Body Mustang with a 302, they are plentiful and cheap for Ford guys. You could antique both and pay minimal collector car insurance. This isn't a collector car in my opinion. But interesting for many to see in a show. Many may also prefer to see a stock car from the time period. If it's rough, it's just another driver car.