1988 Ford Falcon XF 4.1L six with twin barrel carb from Australia and New Zealand


Brutal accelerating Ford monster


Heater died in it, apart from that... nothing.

General Comments:

This car is absolutley brutal in acceleration, I loose very few drags.

Handles well, and has a very comfortable ride.

Looks good and sounds sweet, with 12 slotter mags and a large exhaust.

The brakes are very good as it pulls up on a dime.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2001

25th Oct 2001, 23:23

I reckon you'd lose a drag to a 450SEL Mercedes Benz with a 6.9 badge on the back.

1988 Ford Falcon S 3.9 mpi from Australia and New Zealand


A really good steal if it's like new


Blown head gasket at 212000 km.

Worn out fuel pump at 21000 km.

Electronics replaced at 213000 km.

General Comments:

Very spacious and safe car.

The car is very quick when maintained well, and is in good order for its age.

Doesn't look dated with a nice set of wheels and a spoiler.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2001

1988 Ford Falcon EA 3.9L centre point injection from Australia and New Zealand


A good young persons' car with enough performance to give rice burners a run for their money


Fan failed - caused overheating.

Fuel pump failed.

Small amounts of rust around the boot and rear windscreen.

Rear window demist lines all broken.

Two front vents broken.

Dash cracked.

Brakes groaning - needed the discs machined.

General Comments:

Goes well, but you have to really push it to get it to rev over 3500 RPM.

Good, roomy car with an excellent interior and boot space.

Headlights not very bright, but the high beam is good.

Good second car.

Good fuel economy - usually 700 km to a tank.

248000 km on the original motor and not burning oil yet.

I'd recommend a multi-point injected motor in a Series 2 EA.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

26th Jan 2004, 21:48

Can you please put the answer here as well? thanks.

6th Dec 2004, 22:17

OK - with the fuel economy thing.. I actually made an error. It gets around 550kays (can get 600) max on highway driving.

My EA now has 340,000 kays on one motor, box and diff. There's a few oil leaks now, but still starts first go and is still reliable as ever.

18th Mar 2005, 05:10

My 1990 Falcon EA done 720km on highway & freeway travels. Amazing fuel economy above 100km/per hour long distances, but shocking results while city driving averaging 550km stop go stop go... Speedo approaching 200,000km and still running beautifully. Comfortable car to drive... very spacious too.

11th Nov 2005, 06:37

Been driving current EA Falcon for about 10 years - learnt to drive in it. Excellent car to drive, light steering, and still has PLENTY of power after 487,000 km. Cruise control and auto makes it a fine cruising car. Lights are very dull, what is the deal with that? Leaks oil too. Has just been serviced and is whining like it is in hot weather the whole time. Very strange. Always starts, and doesn't miss a beat. 500,000 here we come!

1st Apr 2008, 23:33


I've just bought an old ford falcon sedan AE 1988 model and I am very disappointed at only 140,OOO km...the engine is going crazy, it turns to 2000 turns/ min when waiting in neutral and also when you are 1st or 2nd the car "jumps"...

The air-con doesn't work, neither do the radio and the cigarette-lighter...



18th Sep 2012, 19:28

Obviously needs a tune.