1995 Ford Falcon Futura 4.0L from Australia and New Zealand


A fine machine


Bought the car quite cheap, so it had/has a few things wrong.

Had front brake rotors machined; there was a horrible shudder when braking.

Cracked muffler replaced.

Radiator had to be replaced, and at the same time a thermostat leak was fixed.

Edges of the front tyres are wearing out.

Auto transmission fluid was changed because it was black. Drove about 20km's with the new fluid before it turned black again. Gears still shift fine, so I'll just ignore it.

General Comments:

Plenty of power for overtaking. Not as quick as some Commodores off the lights, due to a tall first gear.

Much more comfortable than my previous car, a Corolla.

Very good on long highway trips, 8 or 9 L/100km.

Back end can get a bit slippery in the wet, especially with cheap tyres. Have to be extra careful.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2010

27th May 2010, 03:16

Don't ignore the transmission fluid issue. If it's turning black within 20000 miles, it's probably absolutely filthy inside.

On most autoboxes there will be an oil filter and swarf magnets you can drop off and clean.

1995 Ford Falcon GLi 4.0 straight six from Australia and New Zealand


A solid car, but general maintenance is a must


Smart lock started playing up about 3 months ago (still unable to isolate specific issue with it).

Tension pulley bearing gave way and ripped it almost apart at about 188000k.

Minor oil leak that is still a mystery as to its origins.

High beam usage causes the headlights to flicker on and off randomly.

Shocks are getting rather bouncy as of the past year.

General Comments:

Goes like the clackers.

Is generally juicy on fuel, so it's usually best to take the highway to a distant destination that through the suburbs.

I found the lumbar support in the front seats to be set a bit too far back so that, although adjustable, they still caused me to crouch over.

This car has gone great over the past 3 years, as the only major problems so far have been easily fixed or worked around for now.

And with the high beams playing up, I just simply stopped using them till I get around to troubleshoot the headlight circuit.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009

1995 Ford Falcon EF XR6 4.0L i6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good P plate car with decent power and good safty. Make sure the head gasket is replaced


The head gasket recently needed changing.

The clutch is slipping only because I did a burnout.

Firewall cracked because I have a heavy duty clutch. You need to get some special plate for it.

Brakes wear pretty quick and squeal.

General Comments:

She has decent power with 165kw/220hp standard.

Good handling once lowered.

K&N pod filter and 2.5" exhaust give you a some more bang for your buck.

Will beat most Commodores on the road.

7.5 seconds 0-100 standard.

Large interior.

The rear end is a bit light, so when you come out of the corners; if not careful you will get sideways. (that's not always a bad thing ;) )

It also has an LSD, which is good fun.

I don't like how hard the clutch is, but you get used to it.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2008

24th Jan 2011, 02:00

Mate, seriously, I totally agree with you. I have been driving an EF XR6 manual. There is plenty of power at the foot; will easily kick out the rears (only if you're a real man with an LSD). As I said, plenty of power, but not too much power where it's unpredictable. The steering it light-medium, so there is some feel to the road, and gearing down to corners is always best; don't rely on the brakes as you may have just caned the hell out of the car, and suffer brake fade (brakes don't wanna work).

1995 Ford Falcon EF MKII GLI 4.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent car..


At the end of the day, the only thing that went wrong with the car was the door handle broke and the plastic bits started to crack. However, for a car of this age and living in the tropics of Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia, that would be expected.

Smart lock playing up, sometimes would start when told to, but a little tap of the box under the dash and she would start...

General Comments:

I had the car until just recently, and realized that once you have trouble squeezing 5 kids onto the back seat, the realization that a bigger vehicle is required becomes more pronounced.

I have driven and owned Fords for most of my life, and have found out of all the models I have had (apart from the XC Fairmont), the EF MKII was one of the best Falcons Ford has produced. Its reliability and comfort is (I believe) far superior to anything I have ever driven. I have driven Holdens, Protons Toyota's. I was devastated at the fact that I had to part with the car, and funny enough I was told I was stupid to get rid of it. Given the opportunity I would buy another one.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008