1995 Ford Falcon XR6 4L from Australia and New Zealand


Cool car


Battery went dead, but was three years old anyhow so that was about due to go.

Front brake pads wear out fairly quick.

Passenger seat stitching is starting to come undone on 'seat' part.

General Comments:

Very nice car to drive as a manual, seems to have enough 'go' without being too bad on gas. And handles pretty good on corners at speed.

Having been serviced regularly and continuing to be I hope to get a decent trouble-free run from this car.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007

1995 Ford Falcon Futura 4.0L Inline 6 CTC from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, reliable motoring with plenty of power behind it


Replaced heater gate about a week after purchasing the car.

Replaced front rotors due to severe warping.

Gearbox rarely enters lock-up mode and becomes erratic in shifting.

Rust holes in the exhaust.

General Comments:

Other than general wear and tear, this Falcon has been quite a reliable car. Excellent for towing. I will keep this car until I run it into the ground.

Great fuel consumption on long trips. Would be able to drive from Sydney to Brisbane on one tank.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2007

8th Nov 2011, 23:11

Just a follow up on this vehicle survey. I sold this vehicle about 3 months after writing the review, to my partner's grandfather. To this day it's still running like it did when the review was written. Nothing major has gone wrong with it, other than general wear and tear issues. It now has been converted to LPG, which saves a lot of money running around.

I could not speak highly enough of this car.

1995 Ford Falcon Gli 4.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


The car has been well built


To this day nothing has gone wrong with car.

I do however have the opinion that the EB series 2 falcon idles like a swiss watch and it handles better.

General Comments:

The vehicle employs air bag protection for the driver and that is a plus.

I however have a strong opinion about the airbag.

The airbag has the potential to cause more harm in the event of an accident.

The interior has been well designed and has a lot of room.

On the outside the car appears to be smaller than it really is.

I also have L.p.g. gas fitted and makes the car very economical to drive.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2005

1995 Ford Falcon GLi 4.0 lt from Australia and New Zealand


Not bad, but could be better


Air Conditioner needed new seals and to be replaced.

The front two windows are getting harder and harder to wind up, we tried to fix the problem ourselves, but not much improvement.

Oil becomes brown very quickly and will need a regular flush out, also the same with the transmission fluid.

The transmission would slip a gear in the cold, but the transmission flushes has seemed to repair this problem.

The front of the headlights seem to have decayed and gone a brown colour which has affected their effectiveness considerably, might need a new assembly or new covers.

Exhaust has rusted out, but that's to be expected.

General Comments:

For a station wagon, this car has some nice torque in the higher revs and has been able to pull some fun drags on the highway.

0 to 100 in approx 9 seconds with 3 ppl and a full boot, not too bad for stock.

Top speed the car is capable of - in excess of 200 I would guess maybe 230, I've only done 190 in it up in the NT, but it is definitely capable of going further.

The suspension at the rear is quite shocking, this is the major down point of the car as it feels extremely unsafe at high speed and there is too much chassis twist as you drive through the hills.

The electronics I have to say has been extremely reliable to me with not even 1 light bulb going out on me as yet.

The stock pioneer speakers are still going and sound pretty nice with the sansui deck I have installed, gives quite good bass and midrange.

Seats are extremely comfortable and there is easily enough room to fit 5 adults inside.

All in all not a bad family car, but there are some major design flaws that hold the car back from being a great car which I feel could have been avoided.

Btw if ur looking for a chick magnet, do not buy this car as they will refer to it as a big ugly cockroach, : (

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004