1996 Ford Falcon EFII Futura 4.0i from Australia and New Zealand


Full size family transport


Twice I've had to replace the head gasket, firstly at 90,000klm which was due to one of the cylinder head bolts shearing off, and again at 150,000klm when another cylinder head bolt came loose.

I've had to replace the ignition leads every 50,000klm due to excessive wear and repeated failure.

Parts replaced due to the cars age include radiator, power steering pump, fuel pump, brake rotors and the exhaust.

General Comments:

Still the best looking Falcon ever made.

Great towing ability.

Did I mention it was a good looking car?

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

4th Jul 2007, 04:55

Personally I feel the EL Series would have to be the best looking model Falcon in the E Series, especially the EL Fairmont with it's chrome grille and sleek headlights. I have a 1998 EL Fairmont sedan. It has been a great car and a real pleasure to drive. I have done over 50 000km since I have owned it. All it has cost me is a new exhaust system and just regular scheduled maintenance including Auto Transmission Servicing, Brake Pads and Rotors. If you want a good reliable workhorse that has plenty of room for the average family, will tow anything, with heaps of torque, you can't go past a Falcon!

1996 Ford Falcon EF series 2 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


This car has been nothing but a pleasure to own and drive


At 60 000km the radiator developed a slow leak which I was able to repair myself at low cost.

The strut which keeps the boot open had to be replaced shortly after buying the car.

General Comments:

The car still looks as good today as the day I bought it.

I have made many changes to the car, with improved lowered suspension, cam shaft upgrade and performance exhaust and air filter fitted.

The car drives and handles very well and performs very strongly for a six cylinder. The upgrades give the falcon all the power I need while driving on the highway, at no increased cost to the fuel economy.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

1996 Ford Falcon GLi 4.0 S6 from Australia and New Zealand


A Good Car with some problems


From New Indicators wouldn't work.

After 200km the bumpers were falling off.

Tyres were wearing after 500km.

Transmission warning light continuously flashing at 1000km. Took back to Ford dealer. Said nothing wrong. Driving to Melb one day from Adel, transmission blew up at 1500km.

Release valve dropped making clicking noises on mud flap.

Cooling housing cracks so Ford GLUE it together TWICE! causing major overheating problem losing all cooling fluid.

Transmission at 10000km having trouble changing gears (Gears kept surging)

General Comments:

This car is fairly powerful (157Kw engine) and is fairly comfortable.

If it wasn't for all the probs at the start this would have been a good car.

At least its better than the AU!

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Review Date: 14th November, 2002

12th Dec 2002, 20:35

Well Written Review.

The EF Falcons did have problems with transmissions due to the transmission oil coolers. This was a common problem in taxis.

I agree the AU is crap, but the BA should be good.