1996 Ford Falcon Futura 4.0 inline 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome powerful cruiser


Has an idle problem occasionally.

Temp gauge wasn't working, found it had no thermostat. Replaced it and it works fine now.

General Comments:

Absolutely awesome car. Still looks good and has road presence, especially running 235s all round. Even though nearly 20 years old, it still gets a few looks as it's in very good condition and I always keep it clean. Looks smart in Heritage green.

Seats are comfortable, stereo has good sound and the interior has held up very well in the harsh NZ sun and after numerous owners. The trans is smooth and the engine has a nice sound. Unsure of its maintenance history, but it seems to have been looked after. Uses no oil or water. I keep up regular services on it.

On long trips these cars really come into their own. Built for doing big ks, they are a pleasure to drive for hours on end. Fuel economy is a little brutal around town, but on the open road they sip fuel and can get a good 600km out of a tank.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2015

1996 Ford Falcon EFII Futura 4.0 straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome every day car


Nothing so far.

Have replaced the drive belt, oil and filter as a matter of general maintenance.

Blower fan became noisy for awhile, but it turned out to just be a dried leaf in there (common problem).

General Comments:

Awesome for long trips; I did 970 km in it one day over 12 hours and it didn't miss a beat, nor did I feel fatigued or sore.

The seats are comfortable; not a lot of lateral support, but they are still supportive.

Cruise control is a bonus for long trips.

Very good for overtaking. The 157kw engine has heaps of low down grunt for quick passing.

Nice dash layout, simple controls.

Still good looking for a 17 year old car. They really suit the aggressive 16" XR6 alloys. Tyres in that size aren't cheap though.

Handles pretty well for such a heavy and large vehicle. The Series 2 are a lot better than the original EF's.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2014

1996 Ford Falcon EF Series 2 Sedan GLi 4.0 Litre EFI (actually 3984 cc) 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Find a good Falcon and you have a bargain


After purchase, needed new front brake rotors and bearings - usual wear and tear.

Annoying little rattle from rear - probably lower shock absorber mounts.

Air-conditioning will need a re-gas soon - again, usual wear and tear.

General Comments:

I must have had a lucky day - the EF Series 2 Falcon I have, apart from being a little grubby (an ex business car) is all but perfect for our needs, and in tip top condition. No leaks of anything from anywhere, not a drop. Now cleaned properly inside and outside. Also it had a brand new exhaust system, five ROH mag wheels and five brand new tyres. And for some reason, that silly "wing" on the boot lid.

Mechanically the Falcon is just like it rolled off the production line yesterday. The engine is sweet and has more "grunt" than an old codger like me will ever need. Auto transmission is the same, perfect. The car was fitted (on the production line) with the Ford 1600 kg towing pack, which means that the auto trans has an extra cooler mounted in front of the radiator - big bonus.

Around town it just woofles along at 1100 RPM in 4th gear.

It is obvious from the log book (found in the glove box) that the servicing had been kept up to date hence, and so far, no problems at all.

Early days, but from what I have found on the net and reviews, the EF Series 2 was given all the improvements that the Series 1 lacked. The EF Series 2 is generally written up as far better than the EL and the AU.

Handling, on rails.

Brakes (with new front rotors and bearings), solid and straight.

Interior trim and plastic-ware, perfect.

Auto trans - like new.

Sound system - good, but crying out for a radio/CD/MP3 player.

Engine - quiet, all the grunt I need is under 3000 RPM.

Check what I write after six months and after a year I suppose. But for now, the Falcon is the best of any used car I have bought over the years, and better than some of the new ones I have bought.

And, last thing - the Falcon cost $1499 from a used car wholesaler. Have seen the same model etc on the net for up around $3000 or more.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2013

15th Feb 2013, 05:13

Just an update to my previous post re: EF Series 2 I bought in late December.

A bit over 2,000 km so far, mainly short trips, but a few longer.

What has gone wrong, gone "pfutt!". Nothing. What has needed attention, ie: anything that would keep the car in the garage and unusable. Nothing.

Fuel economy, much better than the 2.6 litre Magna auto-trans TR I had before.

Drips, drops, oil leaks etc. None. (well, half a teaspoon of oil from around the sump in nearly two months).

Enjoyment factor to drive, up around 10 out of 10 so far. I should have bought a Falcon years ago.

Anyway, enough for now.