5th Jul 2013, 22:27

Further to my last comments at 2000 km since bought.

Air-con compressor leaking, no real surprise. Winter here anyway.

Power steering leak - simple things really - the "O" rings are/were worn out. Ford can only supply one of them. So, alternatives tried and to try, and I will succeed. Otherwise, just a good reliable Falcon Series 2 EF.

Now approaching 8000 km since bought. Must be one of the last (production ended September '96, mine is an August '96), and from checking the engine number seems it is one of a small batch fitted with the XR6 camshaft, but not the XR6 cylinder head. "More grunt than a paddock full of pigs"!

But good reliable comfortable transport. 1900 RPM at 110 km/h, push the "loud pedal" just a bit and it growls and does a good imitation of a scalded cat. But 99% of driving is sedate around the suburbs anyway.

Find a good EF Falcon, and apart from age wear and tear (usual), you may be lucky. I was.

30th Apr 2014, 06:49

Further update on my EF Series 2.

Power steering pump leaked like the proverbial sieve. Filled the alternator with leaked fluid and "bang", second hand alternator. Finally gave up and bought a second hand power steering pump - now perfect.

The usual "phantom oil leak" from the front of the motor that seems to plague the EF and EL series. Easy, it is the second bolt down from the one that holds the mounting rod to the alternator. The bolt (probably in manufacture) is just that little bit short, and strips the internal thread and the "phantom leak" starts. Easy to fix, just take both bolts out, do a good clean-up and degrease, and put the longer bolt in the lower hole with some good Silastic or other sealant. "Hey presto Rocky", no more "phantom leak.

Apart from the little niggles above, my EF Series 2 is just about perfect for our needs. Quiet, comfortable, ultra reliable, and all the "grunt" needed from time to time at under 3,000 RPM. Have done near to 13,000 km so far with a few 1,400 km long trips. Current km's 229,300. With servicing (I do my own usually) I look forward to my EF Series 2 outlasting me. One has to be lucky with buying a (then) 16 year old vehicle. You either get a good one or you get a lemon. I was lucky, I bought a good one.

29th Aug 2014, 14:32

Well, about 15,000 km so far since I bought the EF Series 2.

No real troubles except the infamous Falcon "phantom oil leak" from the front of the engine and running down the bracket to the alternator. Much burning oil smell and oil on the garage floor. Fixed, second bolt down on the water pump is just a little short. Swap bolts, apply some good oil proof "goop" and tighten up again. Also, apply a "generous" coating of oil proof "goop" around all the bolts. No more leak.

Cooling, yes indeed, the sitting in traffic or stopped for roadworks situation. Up goes the temperature gauge and the electric fans kick in just a bit late for my liking. Why Ford put so much "shrouding" in front of the radiator is a matter known only to some who live in Antarctica. The shrouding blocks most of the airflow, if not all when stopped with the engine idling. Easy enough to remove and now good, very good air flow. Thinking of mounting another electric fan in front of the radiator with a fuse and "on/off" switch mounted low down on the dashboard.

Old "Mustang Sally" has never stopped, just keeps on going, and if I live long enough, I might see 400,000 km roll over on the odometer, or more.

In hindsight, an EL model would have been just as good, but the EF was too good to pass up. Yes, for a car that is now an "oldie", a bit of TLC keeps it going like new.

22nd Nov 2014, 11:54

Being sold for scrap metal value.

Too many "phantom leaks", oil, power steering, coolant, the lot. Two years of service and in the last year "being worked on in the garage" most days. Too heavy to work on, too many things failing or giving all the indications of imminent failure.

Has been a good vehicle when things worked, but too much work for an old codger to keep going.

A better car for someone younger and able to "work on" or "work up".

28th Feb 2016, 11:12

I also found another "phantom' oil leak, comes from the timing chain tensioner. An easy fix!