2002 Ford Falcon Forte 4.0 litres E Gas from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, comfortable, economical, and pretty much bullet proof


Reconditioned auto transmission.

New front brake rotors.

Overhauled gas converter.

A few small things like electric window switches needing cleaning.

General Comments:

I've no interest in Ford vs Holden, Aussie vs Japanese, etc. I will just tell you of my experience over the last 8 years of owning this, my first Australian built car. I have travelled about 300,000 km in this time.

Overall the car has been just fantastic. It is reliable, comfortable, economical, and just swallows up long distances. I have averaged around 12 litres/100 km on the open road, which is where I use it most, although I do take it easy with the right foot. It takes two adults and two kids with all gear for snow and interstate trips with ease. I can get 2.4m sleepers in the back if I slide the passenger seat right forward, so no need to tow a trailer. It has towed our 4.5m caravan with relative ease. It has simply been an amazing car.

The transmission went because I followed Ford's advice and did not have it serviced. Since then I have had it serviced every year (about $200) with no further problems. All of the other items I regard as just acceptable wear and tear given the distances travelled.

It is now at that sad point where I don't think it is economical to maintain as it needs new tyres, new battery, transmission service, and perhaps the converter will need doing again. The front seats are getting uncomfortable, the roof lining is coming away, etc. So I will try to drive it until the rego is up and then trade it in for another one, probably the BF mark 3 version.

Maybe I have been lucky, but I think if you buy a well cared for and properly serviced one, you can't go wrong for the money. I paid $13,000 in 2006 and it has cost me an average of $1500 per year for servicing and repairs.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2015

2002 Ford Falcon Futura 4.0 litre factory LPG from Australia and New Zealand


Great value


Nothing at all!!

General Comments:

Comfortable, reliable car.

Large car power and space, small car economy.

I had a 2000 SR AU for work, did 80000 kms no problems in a year, then purchased this one at 80,000 km and have done about 90000 kms in it, again no problems, and it feels like it could easily go another 200000 km.

Tows easily, however only let down by brakes on downhills when towing, not up to my previous Mercedes in braking (but much cheaper to service).

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Review Date: 14th March, 2011

19th Mar 2012, 05:45

Has there been any recalls on BF 2006 pen blue paint flaking chipping?

2002 Ford Falcon XT 4.0 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to buy, and luckily cheap to fix


Brake shudder 3 times.

Rear diff bush. (suspension cradle out, repair 4-5 hours).

Handbrake didn't hold and dragged. Adjusted twice.

Power steering high pressure hose leaked. Common fault.

Coating started peeling off steering wheel.

Drivers seat base rocked (I'm 85kg in case you were wondering).

Air con / heater vents clunked on hot days due to the sealing foam sticking, and when the flap motor finally peeled it away, it would make a slap noise.

Heater jammed on due to a broken air mixer shaft.

Seals around windscreen and doors began to shrink.

The car was kept in a garage, but did spend some time outside.

Paint on the bonnet and front bar easily chipped. Most of my klm's were freeway driving.

Rear seal on the rear doors always fell off when the passengers got out. Poor design.

Rear door lock actuators stopped working within a month of each other, and had to be replaced.

Engine rattled when cold due to timing chain guides worn out at 95000klm. Replaced with REVISED guides.

General Comments:

Drove nicely on the freeway.

Smooth motor with plenty of grunt.

Trans shifts nicely.

Good cruise control. Holds gears for hills.

Heaps of room.

I liked the look of the car.

Bad on fuel around town, but good on fuel on the freeway.

Cheap to service and parts are cheap.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2009