2006 Ford Falcon XT 4.0L 6 cylinder dedicated gas from Australia and New Zealand


Good car and cheap to run


Fuel sender.

Re-machining front brake discs.

Replaced battery at 60000 kms.

General Comments:

Being a dedicated gas car, it was fitted with heavy duty suspension, which made the ride quality poor.

Replaced the springs with slightly lower sports type, and greatly improved the ride.

The gas fuel system is good, and LPG makes it cheap to run.

Overall it's a good car.

I drive a variety of brands and car types in a work car pool, and the Falcon is a more pleasurable car to drive.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2011

27th Feb 2016, 07:17

Hi. We have Camrys, Commodores and Falcons in our car pool, and I used to prefer Holden, but the new Falcons in our fleet we got 7 years ago changed my mind; easier to drive, more comfortable, more responsive and they run better. With company cut backs and a downturn, it's seen no more Commodores; only Falcons and Camrys now, and the Ford wins hands down except for fuel economy, but it's marginal.

2006 Ford Falcon BF SR 4.0 i6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Best value for money around


Nothing has gone wrong, besides a very poor idle when running it on 98 octane fuel, however the idle is fine when running on standard 91 or premium 95 octane. I am not sure why this is the case.

General Comments:

Superb power. Unmodified inline six four litre petrol engine - puts out 190kw and 383nm of torque from 2500rpm. You never need to exceed 2000rpm in daily driving. Put your foot down a little bit to 3000rpm and above and it smoothly puts the power down. Overtaking is a lot of fun.

The engine is very smooth and very quiet. I have driven late model Commodore and Camry sedans and wagons, and the Falcon is superior in regards to NVH levels.

The four-speed BTR transmission shifts are sometimes quite harsh when cold, however once the transmission warms up they become a lot smoother. There is also occasionally what I believe to be diff-clunk from the rear-end when accelerating from low speeds, however this is quite rare.

Handling is excellent for a full-size sedan. This car is effortless to drive.

I am presently getting 9.8l/100km, which is a litre or two under what they are advertised as.

In summary, superb value for money. The fact they depreciate so badly is a good thing - you can get yourself a good bargain!

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Review Date: 25th December, 2007

28th Feb 2009, 22:52

I bought a 2006 BF Futura 4 months ago $15500. 50000kms ex rental.

This has to be the very best car I have ever driven. I have tried almost every Falcon since 1980. It is better than the several Mercedes I have driven.

Both the on board computer and my wallet agree, 9.5 kms all round consumption (equal town and open road driving).

Looks, quietness, smoothness, excellent acceleration for passing, power to tow heavy loads, ride comfort, seating position, accessories, you name it.

The very best value car for the dollar. I love it.

6th Nov 2010, 12:31

I just got the bargain of a lifetime, A 2007 BF2 with average km, for au$4700.. OK, but there is a catch, it has some hail damage, but apart from that it is mechanically 100%. And the Ford engine in the latest DOHC forms since 2002 I believe, is one of the best engines in the world. Big, powerful, torquey, smooth, and economical.

2006 Ford Falcon XR6 4.0 from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

This car is big, inside and out with rear seat passenger leg room to spare. The boot is huge so storage is well catered for. And performance is more than enough to excite. Auto or tiptronic this car goes well and the handling is sublime. Through the winding Papamoa Hills I am able to cover that used to be a 15 minute drive in 7 minutes. I am an average driver, but this car makes me better in every sense. Braking, handling and acceleration all combine to make this car something very special.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2006

11th Mar 2008, 10:23

I quite agree. I have just returned from New Zealand and was given an XR6 rental car by Hertz. Must surely be the most desirable rental ever! This car is clearly built to a budget and not up there with BMW in terms of sheer quality, but I'd have real difficulty in choosing between, say a BMW 530i and this machine if judged purely on driving pleasure. You guys down under are very lucky to have such a wonderful, bargain priced performance car. Please, please Ford, import it to the UK. I'd sell my 7 Series and do something I'd thought I'd never do i.e. rush down to my nearest Ford dealer with cash. Just love the sound of that 4.0 litre straight six when you give it the gun and overtake yet another Maui campervan! Well done Ford of Australia! A truly great engine in a wonderful car.

6th Nov 2010, 13:16

A 15 minute drive in 7 minutes. So you are speeding, as a result of this car giving you confidence to speed (or be a better driver in your words). That doesn't make the car great, or you great. That makes you risk your life and others on the road. SLOW DOWN!

22nd Dec 2010, 07:09

I have recently purchased a BF mkII XR6, it's a pleasure to drive. The last 3 cars have been an ED XR6 and 2 EF XR6s.

I travel approx 450km a week through the Gold Coast hinterland so the car gets a good run.

The handling and smoothness of the ride and the way it just hugs the tight corners makes it feel like poetry on the road.

Nil complaints, best car I've ever owned and I've owned a few (14 to be exact)!

15th Oct 2013, 03:43

Haha, or he was driving quite slowly before.