2007 Ford Falcon XR8 5.4 BOSS V8 from Australia and New Zealand


More Australian than Mick Dundee in boardies on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, drinking a can of VB


Usual wear & tear stuff, brakes, tyres etc. The only unusual item I've had to sort was the windscreen washer pump, which packed up. But considering the car was 10 years old and had 200k on the odometer, and hadn't been babied, it's lasted remarkably well.

General Comments:

I wanted a cheap Aussie V8 to celebrate getting my Australian citizenship, and after a bit of research I decided on an XR8, since the engines were made here too (unlike the imported Commodore's LS engines). This one came along at the right price, but in need of tidying. And I have to say, they aren't perfect cars, but they are absolutely perfect for Australia. The suspension is a good compromise between sporty and comfort, which is important when you're flying along Western Australia's terrible backroads.

And the most important thing of all - something you can't quantify - is that the XR8 makes you grin. Just fire it up and listen to that awesome burble. This car will tootle about all day quite happily, but when you bury the throttle it lights up and launches itself at the horizon with an almighty roar that is pure V8.

Fuel consumption is perfectly acceptable at an average 13L/100km, and on a long fast run I will get more like 9L/100km. There's nothing quite like cruising along at 110 on the freeway with the engine rumbling away in front you at barely above tickover speed.

Practical, roomy, reliable, well equipped, good looking, and very fast; what more could you ask for in a car?

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Review Date: 30th December, 2017

2007 Ford Falcon BFII Futura 4.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Big, comfortable, effortless cruiser


Armrest trim on rear door fell off; clicked back in place.

General Comments:

This car is big, has comfortable seats, runs quietly, is an effortless performer, and returns good fuel economy.

Reason for the Ford dealer scoring 0 - I purchased the car from the dealer, and several matters were to be attended to before collecting the car. These were partly and hastily attended to when I returned a week later with a cheque, except for the handbrake adjustment, but 6 months' free rego covered that, and my own mechanic services the car. I haven't returned to that dealer since.

Niggles - Boot floor uneven, and the 4-speed auto on this car is not the best box out there.

Likes - Fuel economy: best recorded (180 km run, open road) 6.4L/100km; city and suburban runs 9.5-10 L/100km, using 95 or 98 octane. Tyre life: rear tyres (Goodyear) are originals, have covered 88000 km and still have legal tread left. Michelins on the front.

The car is housed in a carport, not garaged, and after nearly 7 years, it still polishes up practically as new.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2014

2007 Ford Falcon XR6 4.0L 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Great, reliable aussie sedan. A pleasure to drive


I've only owned this car for a few months, and everything seems fine so far.

The left rear window regulator failed while test driving the car; got it fixed free by the dealer.

The right rear window regulator works when it feels like it.

Driver's side window makes a shuffling/rubbing noise on cold mornings.

Both front doors rattle consistently on rough/bumpy roads.

General Comments:

Overall a great car for money; a great highway car.

Best looking Aussie car ever built.

Has 170,000km on the clock and it still feels new

Steering is a little heavy, but not a problem, and with a bad turning circle, it makes car parks a little tricky.

The 4.0L straight six is very quiet, very smooth and insanely powerful.

The 6 speed ZF auto is very smooth and responsive, and works great with the engine.

Handles very well for a 1.7 tonne car with little road noise and very comfortable ride quality.

Build quality was a noted issue with these Falcons, but it doesn't seem to be present with this one.

Interior is a little bland, but still nicely designed. The cabin is quite comfy, and the instruments are pretty easy to work.

The boot is good, but when you open it after rain, water runs into the boot.

Fuel economy is quite impressive for a big 6. I drive this car to work everyday, and I'm normally running late. The road is horrible, windy, and hilly, but I still manage roughly 12L/100km.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2012