2007 Ford Falcon BF MKII Tradesman 4.0 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Not the greatest ute in the world!


Central locking is playing up randomly locking and unlocking the doors (weather dependent, I have found)

Economy isn't great. Gets the same economy as my father's SS V8 (either his is great, or mine is poor)

Dealer hasn't kept the servicing up with claiming to change oil and not done so (wear and tear starting to show).

General Comments:

Overall, I purchased this car as I needed a work and play vehicle. It goes comfortable on the highway with the extras like cruise control, that make it a nicer ride. Would have got a Commodore Ute, but at the time insurance was a lot cheaper on the Falcon Ute, so I went with that.

Sales from the dealer poor. I sold myself this car, did my research, and looking back, would have been better getting an XR for resale value.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2011

2007 Ford Falcon XR6 BF 2 4.0 Ltr Barra 190 Straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Absolutely nothing - a beautiful car to drive, which is comfortable, powerful and very economical for its size.

General Comments:

A smooth, quiet and very comfortable car, which is a dream to drive, handles beautifully, has nice long legs, and is economical and very quick. It eats the Brynderwyn hills for breakfast.

Has the 6 speed ZF transmission, which is absolutely beautiful. This car is fantastic value for money. It tows our 17ft caravan effortlessly.

The Barra 190 engine is very well proven and obviously well developed over the years, and will be a hard act for the Duratec V6 - which is due to come out in the 2010 Falcon - to follow.

My only three little gripes are: the boot is big but shallow and the uneven floor of the boot, combined with the lack of square load space means that the boot lacks room. The rounded back doors make it difficult to get a bass drum on the back seat - not good if you are a drummer. Drink bottles in the holder get in the way of the gear shifter.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2008

15th Aug 2008, 12:09

I have always had Falcons and have just purchased a XR6 BF 2.

I drove it back from Wellington and just fell in love with it; what an exciting car to drive, the handling, the torque and power were great, but the one thing that really impressed me was the fuel economy. I averaged 8.4/100km and did not drive to save fuel. This 190kw engine delivered this via the 6 speed box, the engine is just ticking over at a very low rev in top gear. I have heard others quote low fuel figures for this car and thought they must be coasting down hills or whatever, but no they were right, it delivers 2 litre economy without trying, and I feel I could have done better.