18th May 2002, 20:49

Just purchased an XY falcon 1971 and boy does she go.

Nice clean 302 Cleveland,3 speed automatic and a perfect body with absolutely no rust on the body. Suffers in the petrol consumption department, but its worth it. Now all I have to do is save up for a HO.

22nd Mar 2003, 03:50

Hey guys, I own a original XY GT HO phase 3, built from the ground up. It's Firestone Orange. All GT parts with a blown 351 now.

I say put all your money into these cars, whether they're replica's or not, because boy do they look good.

Now I own 4 Fords, all 351 powered. I have the XY GT, the Fairlane, the XB GS UTE, and my all time first car and project was my XD GL sedan, which I purchased for $3500 from Brisbane when I was 15. It's 351 powered with a 400 turbo. Now this thing moves like a rocket. All engines have 4v heads now. I do not drag or thrash these cars, they're collectables.

I had a dream of owning lots of Fords when I was about 11, and I always wanted a GT HO. I started work when I was 12 at our local pool, and have had 10 jobs since. Now I lived with my parents, giving them $50 a week to live there, and saved the rest until about a year ago, when the last of my cars was complete. It is possible to own these cars, it's just hard work and sacrifice, but it's worth it. But please don't give 'em a hiding, as they deserve more.

It's hard to believe, but I own 4 top classic Fords at the age of 22, and all up it's cost me around $70 000. I got the XY GT HO from an old bloke for $6000, but it was really worn out, but after the time and money, it feels great to be in the driver's seat.

All my cars have won trophies at Summernats, car shows ETC, but just think, I saved for 11 years of my life, and now I can save up to buy a house and get married.

16th Dec 2005, 09:59

I'm pretty sure an original xy gt ho would cost more than 6000, even if it is beat up, I have an xy falcon 500 all original, but due to fuel prices and me being 16 I have to sell it, even though its the six I won't be able to afford it, if any one is interested in buying it gimme a call on 0405025919.

Cheers, Tony.

29th May 2008, 07:50

Good on that bloke for working hard to get the 4 Fords. But I don't believe that he paid 6000 grand for a worn out hoey. Even in the mid 80's I doubt a worn out hoey would have gone 4 6000 grand.

Also, if I owned a hoey there is no way I would get the thing blown; that's just ruining it. Especially since they're worth a lot of money.

Also, restoring cars is a very big job to do. Not only do you need money, but also experience as well.