31st Aug 2001, 23:05

I own an 87 XF Falcon, it was originally an auto, but I have since done a manual conversion and boy did that change the performance!! I now take every corner sideways, Great car, great brand, GO FORD.

2nd Sep 2001, 05:47

I have just gotten My P's and I drive the old mans 88XF 4.1 auto with twin barrel carby... lets just say it does what the spedometer says... and more.

It sounds sweet at high revs and I would never drive anything else.

26th Sep 2001, 08:00

I have been driving my mum's 1987 XF Station Wagon with a 3 speed auto, and even with a stuffed up engine it still delivers power even when we drag the Commodores. I also like the comfort, and the spacious cabin.

We have just got a new engine for the XF which is a very high compression XC Falcon GS 4.1. Let's see how much power this engine has got.

29th Oct 2001, 05:20

I am on P's, I have had my XF Falcon for about 2 months, it's got 271000 kms on the clock and it still never misses a beat and has never been rebuilt!!! It hasn't had any major work done to it yet, but I plan to rebuild it and drop a supercharged V8 with nitrous oxide in. It needs MORE POWER, apart from this I am very happy with the performance that my XF delivers and would never buy any other car!!! Unless it was another XF.

7th Feb 2002, 03:14

I am on my P's and I drive a sweet looking 85 XF auto, only mod is a larger carb and my god the power is unreal for a inline 6, go ford..

Doesn't beat the 265 charger though...

30th Jul 2002, 03:11

I own a 86 XF , got exhaust system through, lowered and a mad stereo, anyway had the car for about 1 year and the engine died on me, so I'm getting a long re-Co motor put in and I can't wait to get back on the road to burn off VL.

5th Aug 2002, 02:26

Good-luck to the block who wrote in on the 29th of Oct 2001, who said he was going to put in a super-charged nitrous sniffing V8. I guess he hasn't really explored that option yet. when he does he will realise that it will be impossible to do in a way that will alow the car to be registered. it is hard enough to put in an average V8 on LPG. I own an 87 XF Fairmont. I goes pretty good since I got extractors and a full sports exhaust. it is an auto, but after reading some of the comments on this site I am considering a 5 speed. I don't know that I would go so far as to say that I would never buy another car, but maybe I won't ever buy another manufacturer.

23rd Sep 2002, 03:43

I also own a EFI XF and is trying to relocate the battery into the boot and customise the air-intake.Has any one had luck in this area??

19th Oct 2002, 04:46

I Got A 4.1L Webber Carb. Straight Six, 4-Speed Man, XF Falcon given to me by my grand parents... It's an 1987 model, yet only done 150,000km. Its the best car, I haven't done a thing to it, although it was on gas when I got it. On gas the thing cane's, I'm too scared to try it on ULP. GO FORD!!!

8th Nov 2002, 19:30

I own a 1987 XF s pack and this thing is amazing it went without a tuneup or a major service for 3 years. Now I'm getting King Springs for it from the wreckers for $90 :) and last week I got the mechanic to install a new steering box because the original 1 started to leak oil : (

This XF is a 4.1 ltr carbie has done some Beautiful donuts producing endless amounts of smoke. I am on my third set of rear tires since I got my P's and this is a 3 speed auto.

Yes the door handles are a bit of a pain : (

6th Jan 2003, 19:39

I am looking at purchasing an xf falcon, but when you get a bit of speed up in it there is a knocking sound under the drivers foot area around the pedals. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what it would be and if it is anything serious and roughly how much it would end up costing. I am a little stumped on this one.


16th Feb 2003, 22:16

I owned a 1985 25th anniversary falcon, had no major mods, just extractors and 9"diff, I since lost her in a major accident, I now own a ea Fairmont and even with the fuel injection it don't go anywhere as hard as the my old baby, I'm buying another XF anyone got one for sale email me, rayrockinray@hotmail.com, thanks, GO FORD.

13th Mar 2003, 00:06

I have just brought a xf falcon and it has done over half a million km's and still going hard, but those door handles.

1st Apr 2003, 04:58

Hi. I recently brought an XF 'S' falcon, 1987. I got a set of mags from the wreckers and tinted the windows put a really nice stereo ($1698 worth) and am looking for more power. I've added water injection and if any one is interested in the water injection look up "D I Y water injection" in google and it'll come up. does anyone else have any cheap mods for more power? if so send ideas to beau_zone@hotmail.com. Cheers to all ford owners!!

20th Apr 2003, 22:18

I am 16 years old and I am a second year apprentice motor mechanic. I own a 85 xf which is my third car and the best by far. It is pretty quick now haven't been beaten by a v6 comm as yet. Still not happy. I have got a t6.2 Garret turbo which I am looking at fitting. Any info or help would be mutchly appreciated. I also have a complete car for bits with s pack mags any one interested in any bits just wright up.

10th Aug 2003, 04:52

Sup ford fans my dad gave me a v8 ford xf to me for my birthday. I just bought a high pressure supercharger for it and got it fitted with an exhuast.i just got it registered barely, and just the other day I flogged a turbo Nissan skyline r33 over a quarter. i spent over 12 grand all together, but well worth it.

15th Sep 2004, 23:08

Hey fella's.

If you need info on the 250X-Flow or just on the XF, then you should visit www.fordforums.com

They are really useful. Just thought you might wanna know.

23rd Oct 2004, 11:11

I have a Fairmont 4.1 carby with 3 speed auto. almost the same car as this XF falcon. it is in excellent mechanical condition, very comfortable, but is one of the slowest cars I ever had. maybe you guys are beating commodores and other cars because you guys are racing and they are not. Iv had a Volvo 164e (In-line six), Nissan Skyline (I6), Toyota Crown (I6) and BMW 3.0S (I6). they were all faster than a ford 4.1, only they have less torque. A 3 liter BMW straight six in 1969 has redline set at 6400rpm. These 1980's 250 ford motors use technology about 20 years behind the better car marques. Time for you guys to discover new cars.

1st Nov 2004, 04:45

I've just recently purchased a stock standard 87 Fairmont Ghia EFI. It may not be as quick as my turbo Toyota Soarer, but it does beat my mates VR Commodore down the line. You can't tell me that the 4.1 was gutless. Everyone I've known in the way of mates have found even the carby models are quick especially for their size. I don't like it as much as the NC Fairlane I had last year, but I still think it's a great car!!

8th Nov 2004, 00:41

Hey people.

I am just about to purchase my first falcon, 87 XF also.

And after reading all the good positive feed back from you all, I'm really looking forward too it.

Basically I'm cutting my loses with an old UC rana and converting myself into a falcon :)



7th Jul 2006, 04:10

Hi, I need some information on my 1985 Ford Falcon. I been told it is a 1985 Ford Falcon 25th Anniversary model. I need some information on where to look or what to see what it is? My car looks identical to the 1985 Ford Falcon Gear, but as mine has a worked motor, 5 spd man, and full body kit, I need to know how to tell what it is? On the compliance plate I'm pretty sure it said 5 month 1985 Ford Falcon, that's all.

13th May 2008, 00:48

Wow I have never heard so many positive comments about the almost bullet proof XF.

I have an 88 XF panel van.

I have just put a thermo fan and taken the Fixed Clutch fan off. Former owner had some how fixed the clutch fan. You can notice the new found performance.

But honestly the XF panny is nothing compared to the power and comfort to my I6 EF Fairmont.

Go the blue oval!!!