15th Oct 2002, 01:35

When our car was out of action (crash) an XF was the car we were given while the repairs were being carried out. Apart from the flat spot, broken door handles, broken seats and holed exhaust (all common problems, apparently) it was a top car. I want one. The fuel economy's not to good though.

27th Oct 2002, 23:33

Hi, thanks for all your comments.

To the fella who had a problem with a blocked carbie jet, I just wanted mention another way to get that grit out. First If you take off the air cleaner, then start the car up. Now working in the engine bay, place your hand over the top of the carbie (make sure you have a good seal so that no air can get it). Then while your hand is on top, give it a few good revs (just pull the throttle lever). Just when the engine is about to die, take your hand off, rev it to life and go again. This just gets faster air and fuel flows when the car is recovering, this can actually be quite effective, and really quick too.

If this does not work, you can do a really slack repair, by just taking the top cover off the carbie while it is still on the manifold. This will expose the float chamber (the fuel jets are in the bottom of this), and it will also better expose the air jets. Use a bit of compressed air, and see how it goes. However I would only recommend doing the 'slack repair' if you don't really like your falcon, and can't be bothered to spend the time with it.


5th Jan 2003, 00:26

Hi all. I just ran into this website today and I found it very interesting. A lot of questions I had have been answered. I have an 88 XF Fairmont (carby). Recently I had a 2.5 inch sports exhaust and extractors installed. I've noticed improvement on the top end of the clock and a slight improvement on fuel economy. I have been playing around with the carby on it and am not too sure what you are able to adjust on them. I'm guessing you can adjust the idle speed and the fuel mixture. Can anyone give me some advice on tuning the carby, or any suggestions about throwing a larger carby on. Thanks guys.

1st Nov 2004, 03:39

I have a 1991 EF 4.1 cross flow webber falcon ute which seems to have very poor fuel economy of about 5 kilometers per litre.What would cause such poor performance and what should I check or repair to rectify this.Awaiting ideas regards bob.

8th Jul 2006, 06:40

I have an 86 XF S PAC with a manual steering box. It is really hard to park, but is a great car.

When I am travelling at 100km per hour or more, the steering has a slight vibration. I have had it aligned, balanced, and and some front bushes replaced, but is still vibrating, could this possibly be the tie rod ends, or is it normal for a car of this age? Can anyone give me any feedback on this?

Also, although the engine only has 100,000, it has a slight rock, making it a bit rough at idle, but it does not affect the driveability of the car. Most mechanics say don't worry about it. They say its probably just carbon build up. Can anyone be more specific than this, and is there any kind of additive you can buy to remove the carbon?

6th Aug 2008, 00:54

I have a 1987 Falcon S Pack, 5 speed manual, 4.1 litre. I have never had a problem with mine, it is really good with fuel consumption and I love it to bits.

22nd Oct 2008, 04:57

I have a XF Ute 5 speed manual GLS. I put it up on the hoist the other day, and I looked at the cross member and there are cracks on the left and right side, where the cross member meets up to the engine mounts. So would the power steering do that? Like when you have it on full lock and the steering is on relief valve?

What would be the best idea to do with it? Weld it up or what?


27th May 2010, 10:53

Hey, I'm a Holden man, but I just got a 87 S-PAC XF, and I'm amazed just how good it is. The car will light both wheels on dry tar into 2nd gear. It goes well off the clock at 190, and I'd say by look and feel, it'll do about 230, or even 240. It's very fast, and I'd really like to know how many S-PAC XFs were made, because there really doesn't seem to be many round.

28th Jun 2010, 19:03

Hi all. I have a 87 XF wagon, S-PAC EFI, 5 speed manual. It has been really reliable up until now. It has just stopped working, I am fixing it at the moment. I love my car, it has everything I need and is way faster than the carb models. I won't ever sell. It is just too good a car. Cheers.

19th Jul 2010, 06:04

Hey guys, I've got a 1987 XF S Pack with an EFI motor. And it seems to stall on me every time I slow right down to park, and also revs up really high and really low. Any suggestions how to fix this, I would be grateful. Cheers.

26th Oct 2011, 09:31

Hey Luke.

I just purchased a 1995 XG Falcon Ute with 215k's, and I was in the process of getting a roadworthy, when I found a stress fracture in a cross member on the left side. This can be fixed by TIG welding it for max strength; best done by a panel beater. GOOD LUCK.