23rd Jan 2005, 05:40

My EF Sedan has done 230,000 KMS.

Engine is smooth as anything, air con is icey cold!

Never blown a head gasket, only had to replace the Rheostat and the thermistat housing.

Other than that its been a really good car to have!

28th Feb 2006, 05:28

My EF futura has done almost 260,000kms. I've had it for 6 months and it's been pretty reliable, except for general wear and tear. The engine is smooth as, and having fitted the trip computer it gets 7L/100km on the highway. I find that quite impressive when you look at the fuel gauge at close to empty then look at the trip screen and it says you've travelled 800km+, especially being a 4L inline six. Cruises nice, except for gearbox feeling a bit weary as it used to be a company car (slips on a hot day and fails to enter lockup mode). I'd say you got a lemon. :)

5th Jun 2006, 21:27

Hey boys and girls, well I have a 94 model EF series 1 auto 6 cylinder sedan. It has just clocked over the 330,000 kilometres mark and is still going strong. Even with the last owner thrashing the living daylights out of the car it still hauls well. the last owner didn’t service the car well either, but its still OK. I have had to replace the coil pack which died – and the miles it did I think that its OK. I also had to replace some heater hoses which feed the gas converter too which were leaking. The sump has started to leak at the front, but ill be sticking a T5 manual in it from an ea soon, so ill pull the engine out then and replace the sump gasket.

My engine still starts first go, it rattles a little when it is warm, but the timing chain is probably stretched.

I really don’t know how you managed to get the engine to drop a rod. But maybe you got a Monday morning car he he.

7th Jul 2006, 04:14

The above EF Falcon was my wife's shopping car. Now sitting in the back yard collecting spiders. Must have been a lemon as have had Falcons for 25 years and all were very good cars.

Wife now has a ZL Fairlane on gas and have had no problems.

I have had many more problems with the EF like split radiator tank, 2 stop light switches, ABS failing, roof lining falling down, paint crazy cracks on bonnet and front guards.

The EF is mainly used on the open road. Sick of spending good money on 'BOMB' waiting for the next thing to break. The car was fitted with heavy duty tow pack by previous owner. Maybe why the engine and auto box failed.

12th Jun 2007, 01:51

I got a '95 EF Wagon it's at 260,000 km and still going awesome. Yeah sure fuel-consumption around town mayn't be great, but long drives are kickass! I've owned his for a couple of years, I haven't needed to replace battery yet. I've had new pads, and front 2 discs done > my car pretty much uses no oil. It really is a sturdy and reliable car, drives smooth, and I reckon it'll go for ages.

Ford owns.

3rd Aug 2007, 23:16

Falcon EF 6 seater station wagon, late 1994.

Nice car, bonnet and guards have crows feet on paint a bit, motor runs fine for 190000 km car.

Excellent fuel consumption on trips. Very reliable and comfortable.

The front bench seat slides about 10mm like it is sloppy, gives a funny feeling when braking because the seat moves forward slightly.

Column auto change lever gets in the way of heater controls a little.

Foot operated hand brake is great once you get used to it, but is a bit dangerous when a older child is in the middle and nearly pushes it while you are driving.

Ashtray broken like most series 1 EF's. I don't smoke, so does not worry me.

Really love this car; nice lines and shape. A lot of good ideas and gadgets that Ford has included.

A good aussie car. If this gets crashed, I will buy an EL.

11th Nov 2007, 23:44

OK, I bought myself an EF Falcon just going on 5 years ago, biggest waste of money ever.

Hmm, where to begin?

First thing that needed replacing was the Neutral Selector Switch, not expensive, but rather annoying.

Then the power steering went, thermostat went, and the car overheated from a blown hose. Severe oil leaks, power steering leaks, radiator leaks; in fact I don't think anything that was made by Ford in that car has actually been in working order for the full 5 years I have owned it.

Oh, and just now after I spent 2 grand fixing it, guess what happens? Yeah it breaks down again, how surprising.

Buy an EF if you wish. My car obviously is a lemon as no car could possibly be so bad, I mean the dealer I bought it from didn't even give me the central locking remote or a spare tire for that matter.

P.S. the roof lining falls on almost all Falcon wagons I have seen, so be warned.

So yeah to sum it up, I spent $14,000 on it all up incl. interest just for the car, and almost 5 grand fixing it. Definitely not buying another Falcon from the 90's; a good way to waste $19,000 if that's the kinda thing you're into ;) Although they are about 2 grand to buy nowadays :(

24th Mar 2008, 01:14

I have owned my EF Falcon for 2 years now. It has done 390000km's and is still going strong. All I have had to replace is the ball joints in the front end and that is it. I hardly ever have to put oil in it and it runs great on fuel. This is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

7th Jul 2008, 07:12

I own a EF Falcon with just ticking over 700,000kms and it still got the same motor in it. Just the normal wear & tear & it still has plenty of kick left in it.

17th Aug 2008, 04:28

I've recently bought my EF Falcon Futura wagon last year, and upon reaching 295000kms it runs beautifully, round city driving I get about 11lts/100kms and country cruise last time got to 880kms before filling up. And really comfortable.

17th Aug 2008, 19:27

Proud owner of a EF Fairmont. Only had it 2 weeks, but spent $800 to get it road worthy.

The original 14 year oold windscreen had to be replaced.

2 tyres.

Lower trailing arms.

And 1 or 2 other things.

Other than that it seems to be a good car.

19th Sep 2008, 10:15

I have had my EF wagon for only a few months, as the actual owners are overseas. Since I've had it it's only just done the head gasket. They go at about 250 000 anyway, so I guess it was about time.

Apart from that the rest of the car is excellent. A very tough car. Parts are cheap. Good on fuel on long trips. Can't ask for anything better. :)

1st Oct 2008, 05:05

I have had 2 EF Falcons, a Series I and a Series II, and the only problems I have had are with the radiator and the head gasket. I over tightened the hoses and split the tank, and the head gasket was from driving with a split tank.

Awesome cars.