23rd Aug 2011, 18:56

I rebuilt a stock motor in a Festiva, and put a aftermarket cam in it. I can get up to 50 mpg and will peg the speedo. It cost me 200 to have the block bored over, and about 200 for the after market rebuild kit. The 0 to 60 is crazy.

To quiet the noise, put foam patting under your headliner and in your doors, and under the carpet. Huge difference.

I have four Festivas, and have repainted and rebuilt them all. Love them!

28th Feb 2013, 18:48

Well, back again, and this piece now has 150,000 on it. Besides the repairs mentioned above, I've replaced the water pump, and had to find a bone yard window regulator after my wife cranked on it when the window was frozen shut with ice one January morning.

Five years of driving and still going strong. Not bad for a $500 car. Figure in the cost of parts I've put in, and that's probably less that $150 a year, and it still looks decent. Will be back at 200,000 miles.

27th Jan 2017, 16:29

Original poster here. Well, over 200,000 miles now and ten years since I purchased her. Showing some serious wear & starting to huff some oil. Thinking it might be time to let her go. I'm 65 years old, have had dozens of vehicles over the years, and if this one is not the best, it's got to be close. I'll miss it.

26th Oct 2018, 00:17

Original poster back yet again. Did indeed have to let this amazing little piece retire but... Found a '93 with a stick and 98,000 on it in great shape. Looking forward to another 100,000 with this one. First tank came in at a tick over 38 MPG mixed driving. Even came with a bumper sticker that says "I'm compensating for my huge...". Gotta love it.

27th Oct 2018, 18:58

Congrats on a great history!

If you get real bored, type in Ford Festiva forums or Dashboard Light. There is a healthy group of enthusiasts keeping these alive.