28th Apr 2006, 21:17

The Festiva seems to be one of the better products Daewoo built. I see them on the road here and there looking like they've been to hell and back... but hey, they're still running. I wonder if the Aveo will do the same?

29th Apr 2006, 08:40

I am that experiment as we speak.

Had a 1993 Festiva that was virtually bulletproof except for replacing the starter motor twice. Amazing car.

I now have an Aveo which is a superior car in every way from safety to driving (the Festiva wouldn't go over 65 mph, the Aveo will do 85 all day) to standard features and so on.

But, of course, the big question is quality. I've had mine for over a year and so far the Aveo shows good quality. If the Aveo is as reliable as the Festiva then it will be a worthy successor.

Hats off to all those who still drive Festivas. They are truly one of the best cars ever made!

20th Jul 2012, 23:34

I have owned 13 Festivas in 29 years. Also been married for 29 years, & the wife & I added it up. We figured that in 29 years we have saved about 500,000 dollars in gas.

7 years ago we bought a 1993 Festiva for 250 dollars, that had 78,531 miles and was a 5 speed. 63 HP. The first thing we did was put in racing plugs & wires, a K&N filter system, a 70 dollar power chip, a new 2" exhaust system with a 12" glass pack muffler. Also put on Mazda 626 14" wheels on 185/60 HR/ 14" wheels. Also 5.25 oz. of Lucas gas treatment into every fill of 10 gallons of gas.

The power chip increased the HP to 106 HP, & with everything we are getting 50 to 53 MPG.

Also we had to replace the rear wheel bearings; I ordered them out of California; racing ones, & they last forever.

When we sold car after 7 years, it had 404,631 miles on it.

Also when we bought the car, we put it on ramps & oiled the whole bottom.

The kid I sold car to is still driving it, & he loves the car. We will buy as long as there are any left out there to buy.

The Festiva nuts in PA.