1986 Ford Fiesta Xr2 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Reliable little car


Drive shaft snapped twice

Burned oil

Rusty arches.

General Comments:

Ever since I was in school people used to talk about how good xr2's were at aged 18, and my 5 gt turbo had just died I got the chance to swap my 5 shell with the broken engine, for a fully working xr2, canary yellow in color.

The performance too me was a let down from what I was expecting and from the insurance prices it was more to insure than my 5 turbo which had a lot more power than this, inside was very basic, but from a car made in 1986 what could you expect, been a oldish car I must say I had no real problems with it, apart from a driveshaft which snapped twice, I think the second time was the mechanics fault he liked taking money, but I'm sure he didn't know what he was doing now in hindsight, the good old cvh lived up to it name, and it burned oil too ;), still it never seized on me, so I was happy with that, the xr2 was very good on petrol, much better than my old turbo.

Don't see many of theses cars on the road now. If you are looking for one I would recommend you make sure its not leaking oil, or burning oil, been a ford if a part does break, they are readily available and cheapish to get a hold of.


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Review Date: 15th July, 2005

20th Jul 2005, 16:33

Why is that mate.


7th Dec 2006, 03:55

I had a Canary Yellow XR2 too! Absolutely loved it, you certainly get well known when you have one in that colour!

1986 Ford Fiesta XR2 1.6 from UK and Ireland




Nothing as yet, but it had a broken engine mount when I bought it.

General Comments:

I have had this car for only 2 weeks and I absolutely love it. I'm only the fourth owner of the car and it is in exceptional condition for it's age. This is the third Fiesta I have owned, the other 2 being 1.1 but still Mk2. I think the shape is absolutely classic and these cars are just fun to drive... quick off the mark and brilliant for overtaking.

The top end isn't too bad either - I've had 110mph out of it which isn't bad for a car this old!

Hopefully I will be keeping this car for a few years, there are certain modifications that I'd like to do to get some extra brake horse power out of it, but all in all a good little car and not too expensive to run.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2004

1986 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


When new, the car you'd buy to have a new number plate when you can't afford anything better


Both CV joints.

Oil burning, oil leaks (numerous), and body corrosion.

General Comments:

Absolutely dreadful little car with nothing to recommend it. I bought it with my sensible head on, figuring it would be good on petrol and cheap on insurance; I was sadly disappointed.

Performance was nonexistent, it was appalling, and it struggled to better 30 MPG. Body panels were all wafer thin (as standard, a weight saving exercise by Ford), but resulted in premature corrosion to the sills, inner wings, strut tops, boot floor, arches, etc etc.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2004

1986 Ford Fiesta XR2 1.6 carb from UK and Ireland


Mine's done 197,000 - still does over 110mph


With present one, nothing, it's been as good as gold - but this is probably because I picked it up for £200 from a 66 year old man who had owned it from new, but was giving up driving so it had been sat in his garage for 7 months. When he took it for an MOT IT FAILED on some holes in the floorpans - so he sold it with a box of service history and an engine that sounded and looked like it had only done a 1/4 of the 192,000 miles it had done. Excellent and it's got another 100,000 in it yet.

General Comments:

Good fast fun.

I've owned four of these and one of them was a complete load of rubbish due to neglect: smoking exhaust, oil leaking from rocker cover and head gasket, lack of power, starter motor broke - the list goes on.

But if you can find one that's been well looked after it will last for ever - but watch out for that rust?

I change my oil and filter every 4000 miles and you can't hear the tappets or nasty sounds. And it still pulls 125mph on the motorway - Ford said it could only do 110mph - must have been drunk.


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Review Date: 6th February, 2001

6th Feb 2001, 12:54

125 on the speedo is 110 exact speed I would think...

15th Jun 2001, 14:51

I owned a 1987 XR2 for 7 years and apart from a full sports exhaust, I had mine over 125mph!!! So na na na na na!

15th Jul 2001, 10:37

My E-reg XR2 goes over 110mph, remember top speeds are done in 4th gear. I've got about 117mph out of it.