2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec petrol from UK and Ireland


Value for money


New steering wheel at 60000 miles; badly peeled. New PVC wheel also badly worn.

Needed a passenger window switch.

Both seats don't lift to get into the back (replaced both once - and cable snapped again).

Windows now slow going up and down.

Driver's sun visor failed to stay up - so replaced it.

New clutch at 60000 miles.

New timing belt and water pump at 80000 miles.

Alternator belt snapped at 60000 miles.

New clutch at 120000 miles.

Starter motor on the way out since 160000. Still haven't changed it.

Has had two new batteries.

Had a coolant reserve tank leak - crack in the tank at 140000 miles.

New rear shocks at 150000 miles.

General Comments:

The car has good handling.

It is comfortable and reliable.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2013

2003 Ford Fiesta 1.4 16v petrol from Greece


Just a decent small car


Electric window buttons stopped working 6 months after I bought the car. Engine problem at the same period during a trip on national road. All fixed at a cost of 260 euros.

General Comments:

Could have better acceleration. It's fun to drive though. Not too comfortable on bumpy roads. Plastics are not as good compared with my previous Skoda. Small boot.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCi Duratec turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Well thought out, good engine, but unreliable


Clutch pedal disconnected itself for the master cylinder, this is a common fault with the Fiesta as there isn't a locking pin attaching the pedal and cylinder. This was repaired by Ford.

At 65000 miles the turbo failed. Replaced by Ford.

At 77000 miles the turbo failed again. Replaced by Ford.

At 80000 miles the turbo failed again. SOLD!!

General Comments:

When the turbo was working, the car proved to be very good, especially for running around town. Excellent car for learner drivers as well (said from experience, owned the car since I started learning). However on motorways the lack of space for your clutch foot was annoying, the engine was noisy and revved at 3000rpm at 70mph.

I dearly miss the car despite its faults, because it was a honest car! It had nothing to hide in its design, and was very well thought out, had excellent visibility, excellent engine, comfortable. It was replaced by a Vauxhall Corsa in 2009.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2009

2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland




Broken seat catch.

Lower dash trim fell off.

General Comments:

The Duratec 1400 engine is not a patch on the previous Fiesta's 1400 Zetec. No torque below 3500rpm means that it has to be thrashed to keep up with traffic. Excellent motorway car provided you keep the speed up, but economy suffers at over 85mph. Sit at 60, and get 46mpg. Sit at 80, and get 30mpg.

Handling is incredible, which almost makes up for the lethargic performance. After fitting Yokohama tyres it's almost as good as a Puma. Hard ride in town though, and a LOT of road noise.

Fantastic standard stereo system, let down by infuriating system which increases/decreases volume with speed. Way too sensitive, you're forever adjusting the volume!

Interior looks more spacious than it actually is, the seats are too hard, too short in the base and lack any form of leg support.

The steering wheel is adjustable for rake, but obscures instruments if you have it low enough to avoid the 'bus driver' driving position you used to have to adopt when driving proper Minis.

All the above (plus the hard ride already mentioned) make it very uncomfortable for long journeys.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2007

14th Apr 2011, 05:55

If the auto volume is annoying you, why don't you turn it off?

2003 Ford Fiesta Black 1.4 Duratec from UK and Ireland


Tremendous value alternative, often overlooked


I had the car in at the local Ford Dealer for a major service, just before Christmas, the car came back with a clean bill of health and it's first MOT, but I noticed that they're left me a gift of a punctured rear wheel.

With no redress with the dealer, I decided to replace both rear tyres.

A little over two weeks later and the car then developed a starting problem. I'm not mechanically challenged, so tried to trace the fault, concluding that it must be with the engine management and would need to go back to the dealer.

The car was returned, and I was charged for a diagnostic, but no fault was found.

The same problem then happened intermittently for nearly another three months, with the car back and forth for further diagnostic checks and investigative work.

Eventually I lost patience and involved Ford Customer Relations, demanding that the car be examined (under warranty I might add).

The car went back in again and the 'senior' technician found that the engine management flash update had not be performed. 15 minutes of work and all was sorted.

I was happy in one respect, then furious, as I was handed another bill for the work. Thankfully, Ford Customer Relations stepped in and covered the bill with the dealer.

Since then, no other faults (fingers crossed) other than a 'gremlin' with the speedometer (electronic), which I fixed myself with WD40 (I'd rather fix it myself).

General Comments:

My overall experience is still impressed; certainly in terms of the ride quality and driving enjoyment from what is thought by most to be a 'budget' option for motoring.

The leather seats are comfortable, but do pose a small problem with trying to fold and open up the load space of the hatch. Perhaps a better solution for the rear headrests is needed?

Fit and finish is excellent, certainly when thinking back to older Ford models. Nicely trimmed and with a quality of finish that hasn't scratched or faded.

Performance is modest, with the 1.4 Ford "Duratec" trying hard, but never really seeming to come to the boil. There's a lack of any real urgency, just a change in engine note, to a harsher pitch, but certainly a lack of 'fizz'.

The chassis is superb, and I have to say very forgiving and progressive. I've thrown many cars along country roads, and I love the response from, what feels like a very 'square' and direct wheelbase.

Initial turn-in is a little light, but then the power steering is going to be 'budget', so I can't complain.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007