2010 Ford Fiesta Trend 1.4 (Gasoline) from Indonesia


Fun, great and enjoyable to drive


Headlights sealing problem, starting to fog after 1 month, replaced under warranty after several weeks waiting.

The front passenger seat is a bit squeaky.

General Comments:

This car has superb handling, at both low and high speeds.

It has nice standard audio quality.

It is reasonably priced.

It has eager performance with the A/C off.

It has great efficiency with Eco-driving style (13km/l city, 24km/l highway).

All in all, it is a good all round hatch.

But it is somewhat difficult to dry out after washing due to lots of exterior gaps.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2011

8th Mar 2012, 09:36

Did you say you achieved 24km/l on highway mode? That must be amazingly unbelievable!!

Another reviewer scored 20km/l average with his 1.4TDCi (diesel engine), which is normally more economical than the 1.4 petrol. Probably you need to check your highway figures again. Would be glad to know. Thanks.

9th Mar 2012, 01:48

If he was driving on a perfectly flat open road, with no aircon on, I'd say it's possible.

I've had my much older-tech 2001 BMW 316ti manual (1.8-litre) for just under 2 years, and on less than ideal NZ open roads, which tend to dip and rise, I managed 17 km/L once (measured at the petrol station). Given that the Fiesta would have better aerodynamics, has a slightly smaller engine, and newer technology that makes it more efficient, 24 km/L under ideal conditions just might be possible.

20th May 2012, 23:54

Honestly, that's nearly the same number I could get so far, best number I'd say. While it's not the average, a diesel version of the Fiesta surely should have got a better average fuel economy. I've found it's only possible with A/C off, tending to glide the car, be gentle on the pedal, minimal braking, limiting the engine to 2500 RPM, no passenger, and when the outside is about 25 deg C. Possible, but quite hard to achieve.

2010 Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.4 Duratec from UK and Ireland


A quality family car that never fails to impress


No faults yet, but obviously still running in.

General Comments:

Having been driving the previous model Fiesta for 2 years, a diesel model, I felt confident that the new car would live up to my expectations. After all, the New Fiesta was just a facelift of the previous model?

How wrong I was!

The car has by far exceeded my expectations, right from the minute I collected it.

The paintwork, in Hot Magenta, is striking. It appears a different colour in different light. It varies between magenta, purple, and burgundy. Also the finish of the paint is again impressive. It is the smoothest finish I have ever seen; not a hint of any "orange peel".

The interior is so welcoming, with everything so well placed. Most of the switchgear is standard Ford layout, so within seconds I knew where everything was. The central information panel is so useful, displaying everything from temperature, to fan speed, radio station, climate control settings, and, when the Bluetooth is activated, my whole mobile phone's contact list!

The voice activated controls are amazing. I still find it hard to believe that I can use my phone, control the radio, and the climate controls, using voice activated commands. (Of course you can do it manually - the old fashioned way!).

The 1.4 Duratec engine is quite surprising in its performance, and I would say it produces the same power of earlier 1.6 engines. Economy, at an average of 38mpg (it's still running in), is very good. More amazing is the smoothness of the engine. It's inaudible on the road, and it's quite easy to believe the car has stalled in traffic as it's so quiet. Not a hint of vibration.

Seating is extremely comfortable, although I would say that rear legroom is a little tight if the front seats were to be pushed back. O.K. for children, but possibly a little cramped for an adult. However, since this is a family car, I guess the rear seats would be occupied by children anyway. Rear seat is comfortable though.

For a standard spec car, I thought the specification was faultless - climate control, power fold mirrors, heated windscreen, heated mirrors and washer jets, cruise control, bluetooth, voice activated controls, auto headlights and auto wipers, ambient lighting, footwell lights, quality Sony stereo with 6 speakers with remote control, alarm... the list goes on.

I can honestly say that I just LOVE driving this car, and look forward to the drive to work each morning.

It's comfortable, quiet and refined.

Steering is light, and the suspension firm without being too hard. There is good feedback to the driver.

Space is far better than the previous model, and together with good storage locations, the car remains uncluttered inside. Boot is average size, taking 2 large suitcases without the need to fold the seats down.

As I say, I have only driven 900 miles in the car so far, so can't comment on longevity.

But if the first 2 months are anything to go by, this car will be with me for a long time.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2010

17th Sep 2010, 20:11

Your model must be different than the ones available here in North America. The 2011 Ford Fiesta is very loud on rough roads and highway, and the engine buzz is terribly embarrassing on the highway or trying to maintain speed going up a large hill. I don't expect the engine to last much longer than the warranty coverage. I did see a review out of the UK, and he mentioned he had a turbo engine in his 2011 Fiesta. The one I test drove was just a duratech or some such, definitely not turbo anything about it.

Ford Marketing has done a great job of convincing people that an over priced, under powered 2011 Fiesta is a great value with high performance. Personally I've felt that us Americans will buy anything if the packaging 'talks a great story', even if the product is really an ugly duckling that makes no sense.