2011 Ford Fiesta SES 1.6 from North America


It has it all: great MPG, beautiful design, and FUN to drive!



General Comments:

I'm at 20k miles on my Fiesta, and still love it more and more every day!

I have an SES (hatchback) with the 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission; I did not opt for the Intelligent Access, leather trim, or heated seats. I bought the Fiesta for its low MPG, low price for the features available, and styling.

Some people have had trouble with the PowerShift, since it's a new technology for Ford, but mine has worked flawlessly. It isn't a "slushbox" automatic, you do feel/notice the shifting, but it functions very smoothly. The car learns your driving style the first 3k miles, and the transmission and MPG improve noticeably after that.

I'm a member of a Fiesta enthusiast web forum: www.fiestafaction.com/forums and have found the community to be help before and since I bought my Fiesta. I recommend it as a resource to any prospective buyers!

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Review Date: 13th January, 2012

2011 Ford Fiesta SES 1.6 gas from Chile


A sympathetic bad boy


A little noise occasionally when I put the gear in reverse since I bought it.

Sometimes when I put it in fourth gear, an unpleasant sensation comes from the shifter, as if the clutch was not working, despite it being fully depressed.

General Comments:

A really good super mini. 120 hp and awesome performance with a good price/quality relationship.

I would like to have a better dealer.

The car is quick, safe, well equipped and comfortable. Could have better brakes.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2011

2011 Ford Fiesta Titanium Econetic 1.6 TDCI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Ford has nailed the small car market with this one


I believe the car should have a one touch system for raising the driver's window. If so, then that's broken, so will tackle the dealer when it comes to its first service.

Other than that, nothing to date.

General Comments:

The new Fiesta feels much bigger than it really is. I'm 6' 3" (and slightly over weight) and have no issues with space. We have used the car for a trip away (2 adults, a baby and all the stuff that goes with it). It was a little tight, but still comfortable.

The performance of the car is better than I expected. It's not quick by any means (0 - 60 in circa 12 seconds), but how quick do you need to get to 60? It cruises quietly and easily at speeds in excess of 70mph.

Economy is pretty damn good! Circa 55 mpg average until I'd covered 1000 miles, circa 65 mpg up to 1300 miles. 75.1 mpg recorded this morning on my combined commute (40 miles). It isn't difficult to achieve these figures, and you don't have to be at a crawl. Follow the shift light and... well don't race up to the car in front of you.

The kit level in the car is great. Voice control is a bit flash for me, but it works, and works well. The Sony stereo system is fantastic! My previous car was an Audi A4 with the Concert system - that is a tough act to follow, but the Fiesta is not too far from matching it.

The styling of the car is nice IMO. My car is in Panther black with the privacy rear windows (standard on Titanium). The only questionable feature is the alloys with their high profile (low friction) tyres (14")... don't' quite have the look of the larger alloys, but they serve their purpose.

Handling is great; firm, but not too bumpy. High speed cornering needs some thought due to the tyre size. Can be great fun to drive though, and is capable of putting a smile on your face if you like 'zipping' around.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2011

7th Nov 2011, 10:30

Or Fords have the "one touch DOWN" switch for driver's power windows. I think they did not provide a "one touch UP", so no one's fingers get automatically pinched.

Are your gallons of the imperial variety?