29th Dec 2008, 07:19

I do love the look of the brand new Fiesta, I would love one! I am a little disappointed with its looks though, it looks as if Ford has based its face on a Hyundai i30.

It doesn't matter, I'm just saying Ford normally are experimental with the looks on their cars, and with this it looks as if they haven't bothered much.

25th Jan 2009, 02:50

I have just bought one of these. I needed a new small car for short trips about town. Looked around and decided this offered best value. With its electric mirrors, fog lamps, rear spoiler and 16 inch alloys, it stands out from the norm. Inside you get Sony CD player, air con and electronic trip counter, not to mention hands free bluetooth (no more nasty fines for me).

Can't wait to actually get behind the wheel now. Hope it is as good as it sounds.

4th Mar 2010, 16:48

If you are really slipstreaming HGVs, you are driving far too close to them.

27th May 2012, 04:06

I recently wrote off my 2007 Fiesta in a hail storm, completely losing control at 70mph on a dual carriageway.

I collected a Megane, and nearly collected a Mercedes on the way to a stop, and survived. The ABS on the Fiesta probably saved my life, as I was able to keep on the carriageway, although I completely and constantly over-corrected due to lack of experience, snaking between one side of the carriageway and the other until I finally came to a stop.

Rule 1 : Treat hail stones as black ice.

Rule 2 : Slow down and don't enter hail storms at 70mph.

Rule 3 : Buy ABS. Thank you Bosch and others for this invention.

Rule 4 : Replace the Fiesta with another one. The near side wing "disappeared" as it was concertinaed up against the passenger compartment, and there was no ingression at all.

Rule 5: Thank you Ford, and everyone involved, as I walked away from accident, mumbling, in shock, but walking on that day.

19th Sep 2012, 18:00

ABS won't help you on black ice...