12th Jan 2011, 17:06

I would always wait a couple of years to see other owners' experiences with a car new to the North American Market. Also, I don't understand why computers should prevent a car from being repaired.

I had a 1998 Suzuki Swift (Chevrolet Metro LSI). I really liked the car, and it was very reliable. However, there was a recurring problem with the transmission. I took it to two dealerships, and I was constantly told, "no computer codes entered."

They did nothing, and repaired nothing. The problem got much worse, but then disappeared in the last three years I had the car. The transmission finally died at 200 000 km. I know all modern cars have computers, but I don't understand why 'no computer codes entered', would prevent the repair of a stalling automatic transmission.

13th Jan 2011, 20:21

It shouldn't. It's often the case that the computer either does not register a code, or registers it improperly. Sadly, many service techs refuse to look deeper to solve these obviously very real problems.

As for avoiding the first year model of any new car, that has always been a hard and fast rule with me until the Ford Fusion came out. After seeing the glowing reviews and talking to dozens of very satisfied owners of 2006 Fusions (the first year they were made), we opted to buy a low mileage used 2006 Fusion in January of 2009. After 46,000 miles, it is still absolutely flawless. I DID wait until 2007 to buy a new generation Mustang, and was glad I did. There were a few very minor issues with the 2005's.

14th Jan 2011, 20:32

To Whom it may concern.

I purchased a brand new Ford Fiesta this fall. The car is a lemon. It has serious transmission problems. I’ve taken the car in 5 times. I have service reports that verify the problem. I told them I’d like to enforce the California Lemon Law, and I want them to buy my car back. Ford says they cannot honor that request. They suggested I go to the Better Business Bureau.

I have all my documents from them. I even have a voicemail message of the manager telling me my car is fine. I also have a Ford document the mechanics left in my car, acknowledging the problem and stating how to fix it. They dealers and Ford Corporate have lied to me and stalled this process for 3 months.

I put half down on this car. I run my own business,and I need a reliable car to get to work. I live pay check to pay check, and have nothing in savings. The car doesn’t switch into gear fast enough, and is dangerous to drive. From what I’ve read on the forums, this is common. Please don’t recommend this car.

Thank you.

15th Jan 2011, 22:14

Sorry you got stuck with a lemon. It just goes to show you that sportiness and great looks don't always equal reliability. The Honda Fit is just as sporty as the Fiesta. It's been around for a few years, and has proven to be a very solid car. I'd go with a Fit if I wanted a sporty, reliable subcompact. But I guess I'm biased. I love my Toyota Echo, and want a Yaris.

21st Jan 2011, 13:45

Was your lemon car equipped with a 6-speed DCT? If so, would you care to elaborate more on the problem?


19th Feb 2018, 04:36

I recommend the Fiesta to anyone — it’s fun to drive, and dirt cheap with the money Ford is putting on the hood of each one.