28th Feb 2011, 14:15

"The Fiesta can have problems, just like any other car."

I watched a Consumer Reports review on the Fiesta yesterday on Youtube. The reviewer had good things to say, but also some bad things to say. First of all, he said the car was slow. I took that with a grain of salt, because it is a subcompact. But if people think it's going to perform like a VW GTI, they're wrong.

Secondly, he said it was cramped in the back, so it's the same as any subcompact. Then he noted the driver's position was very narrow and somewhat uncomfortable. There is a cupholder in the passenger front door that digs into the driver's thigh. One person commented that he couldn't stand it, and decided not to purchase a Fiesta.

18th Mar 2011, 13:12

I would prefer Chevy Cruze. Bigger and safer car, 40+mpg, at about the same price.

6th Apr 2011, 13:44

I've been helping a friend get rid of his 2009 Corolla and find something more reliable. I have not been impressed with the Fiesta as I thought I would be. Yes, it looks great, and the power is ample. However it still has the antiquated drum brakes in the rear like the cheaply built Corolla, and all of the Fiestas we have looked at come with the horribly expensive Sync system, which he neither wants nor needs.

He can buy the base I-4 Fusion for the same price, and it gets only slightly worse gas mileage and is a LOT more car. Ford dealers here are shooting themselves in the foot by offering only the loaded Fiestas, as they are way too expensive for an economy-minded car buyer. Nissan got it right by offering a $10,000 Versa base model. They are just the ticket for budget minded buyers. If Japanese cars were more reliable, I'd recommend one of those, but his Corolla has soured him on imports forever.

7th Apr 2011, 18:09

If a person can get a base Fusion for the same price as loaded Fiesta, I imagine it would be even wiser to wait for the new Focus if someone wants a small Ford.

6th Aug 2011, 16:28

The Fiesta may be a decent car, but it does not represent good value. It's overpriced, at least the hatch is. It costs more than the sedan, which is actually kind of ugly. I recently saw a Ford ad where you could buy a new Focus for only $1500 more than a Fiesta hatch. Only a base model Fiesta sedan with no options would make sense, but most don't want a car like that.