20th Mar 2003, 10:12

Unless you've got a different 1993 LX than me the emulsified oil won't be due to the fuel pump because it's an electric one and it's in the fuel tank. More likely condensation or a water leak.

8th Apr 2003, 07:09

My sister had exactly the same oil problem with her fiesta, then one day the engine just blew up. Its now mine (with a new engine) but I've got the revs problem now, I've heard it could be to do with a pipe with a slight hole in it, trying to find out more and a fix!

28th Apr 2003, 10:13


It's Matt, the original reviewer.

Thanks for all your suggestions etc. I now don't have so much of a problem with the oil as I did. I found that the rocker cover gasket had perished, and the oil was simply escaping from there, and running down the back where I couldn't see it very easily. Since adding a new one, the oil consumption has been much less. I still find I need to top up very slightly, but much less often than I did before.

The revs problem seems *touch wood* to have gone! I didn't change anything, so I think it's gone of its own accord, which is nice!

I changed the spark plugs as I thought it was about time they got replaced, and this has made overall running a bit smoother.

I had to have a new wishbone fitted for the MOT, this stopped the creaking and knocking I was occasionally experiencing from the front beforehand.

I've moved jobs since, and my journey has more stop-start traffic. I've noticed the MPG is now around 43, as opposed to 46 on my other route. I'm happy enough with this.

In fact, the only thing I'm not happy about now is the fact that I need the wheels balanced (hopefully that's all it is!), as I'm getting vibrations at higher speeds.

Still slow. Still boring. Still, does the job!

2nd May 2003, 08:22

I too have a fiesta, a 1995 LX. It's a great little car, but also have problems with the revs and actually going anywhere. Unfortunately this problem doesn't seem to have gone away with me, I've had the car since October last year, had the universal joint replaced, new arms on the front and had to have the ignition replaced too, as it just decided to not work, fortunately it happened to be at the mechanics having the arms done at the time, so he could fix it for me, otherwise it would've been a lot of hassle. Has anyone else had this problem, he said hes only had to do this in 1 fiesta before, in 50 years of work!

Do you mean the problem with the revs is that when you put your foot down it doesn't move very fast until after a few seconds? I think it may be the fuel pump on mine. Its done 65000 miles, just for the record, and I've had over 100mph out of it (going down hill!!!). And it too is good on the fuel, i'll be keeping my trusty (touch wood) fiesta for a while longer yet, hopefully!! hel 18.

14th Aug 2003, 10:07

My Fiesta (1.3i) is doing the same. Stalling and jerking forward in low gears.

I've been told it's probably the Lamba sensor too. I've just not got my arse into gear to sort it out yet.

But I think that's the problem anyway.

22nd Aug 2003, 07:14

Hi my gf's car has the surging idle problem also. it's a '93 1.1 with 61000 miles. the car doesn't splutter and die - it surges up to 3000rpm when idling and down again - any resolution to this would be great as I've checked the plugs/leads etc and they are fine.

Also above 70mph the car vibrates, did having the wheels balanced fix it at all?

24th Aug 2003, 14:21

Hi I've had my 93 1.1 fiesta lx now for two months and I love it, considering that my last car was a 1984 Daihatsu Domino with a 615cc engine (but it was great on fuel!)

From the first week of driving the fiesta around I did notice the rev thing and how it doesn't quite pick up speed straight away, the simplest solution which I found to that was, put your foot down a lot harder, trust me it works!

Apart from that my car is in very good condition and overall I am impressed with the car.