10th Feb 2006, 13:47

I have just read the other comments and I would like to add that I have just brought a fiesta zetec s, but don't pick it up till march.

What I price I got for mine! I've got Air con, visibility pack, blacked out windows and sat nav system. I can't wait to get it to see what its going to look like, by your comments its looks as if I've done the right thing in buying this car.

2nd Mar 2006, 10:26

I Brought my Imperial Blue Zetec-S in 2003. I brought the car 6 months old. what a little hot hatch. I have owned this car for nearly 3 years and I still love it the pieces, I went from a M reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.2, to the 1.6 Zetec. I have never looked back.

The car still surprise's me now. I love the way it sticks to the road. and it even looks nice.

The trip computer on the car is fantastic as well, tells you engine temp and Fuel left ect... (for those of you who do not know how to do this... Hold the mileage reset button before and while starting the car, it will then go into test. Keep pressing the button and it will go through all the different modes)

Everyone else enjoy your Fiesta Zetec-S, I know I will!!!

13th Jun 2006, 07:02

Well, 18 months or so since I wrote this review and since this time my little Zetec-S and I have pared company and thought I'd add a "conclusion". My time with the Fiesta were not 100% fault free as I had a thermostat replaced shortly after I bought the car. Aside from this minor fault I enjoyed plenty of trouble free miles and more significantly I had plenty of fun at the same time.

You may ask why I only had the car for such a brief spell, but the answer is simple: Being a car lover I've always hankered after a roadster, which I now have, but unfortunately this led to the demise of the Fiesta.

However, all of the comments in my original review still stand and the more time I spent with the car exploring its handling characteristics the more impressed I became. The comfort was a real bonus on longer journeys and I don't recall any point where I felt the car suffered from any shortage of power.

So, to summarise I really cannot fault a great little car so reasonably priced and my biggest regret about owning the vehicle really was having to part with it. To anybody considering buying one I would simply say one thing: What are you waiting for?!

P.s. The rattle seemed only to occur during cold weather - seems the little chap preferred the summer months!!

16th Jun 2006, 04:59

Excellent review and final comment.

This is a corking little car which only falls down when some people start comparing it to more powerful and expensive rivals.

I had mine a year and chopped it for a 306 GTI-6 (a car I'd always desperately wanted).

Although not exactly fast, I remember the Z-S for having one of the best front wheel drive chassis' around, a sweet, responsive engine, go-kart precise steering, good looks, reasonable build, impeccable reliability and being great value for money.

I love the Peugeot and haven't regretted the change at all, but if you take performance and space out of the equation, the Z-S does a lot of things just as well. In the REALLY twisty stuff, the two are matched much more evenly than you would ever believe.

4th Jul 2006, 15:53

I pick my red Fiesta Zetec S up tomorrow, and cannot wait. At the moment I have a Fiesta Frascati M reg and very much looking forward to a newer car, although I will be sad to part with my first car, the one I went out in and passed my test in 3 years ago!!

The reviews I've read seem postive, and I look forward to caring for my next addition. If you look after them, they look after you.

25th Jul 2006, 06:24

I have been searching for a Zetec S for some months now and am finally picking up my chosen car on Friday 28 July!

Looking forward to it! I have gone for a 2000 Imperial Blue model, it's a lovely colour and stands out from the crowd as no 'ordinary' blue. Reading the reviews above I admit I cannot wait to test the ZS on the twisty roads between my house and the Welsh border!

In my search for the car I have read many reviews, views and criticisms but I would agree that the ZS is a cheap to run car and anyone on a budget can rely on 'cheap thrills' for sure!

I'm sure I will report back on my experience at a later date...