2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


A super handling hatch offering low-cost driving thrills!


I have only just recently taken ownership of this vehicle and so far have had no problems. Before I collected the car from an independent dealer the colored steering wheel had faded (apparently a common complaint). However, this had been rectified prior to collection and I understand this is something that can be easily and cheaply put right.

There is a slight rattle/squeak from dashboard.

General Comments:

Despite the limited time that I have owned this car I have so far been highly impressed with it. This fantastic little "warm hatch" will hold great appeal for anybody who is enthusiastic about driving and is seeking to add spice to otherwise budget motoring. The cheeky little Fiesta offers go-kart like handling and will not flinch when pushed hard into bends. It will seat a taller driver comfortably (I am 6'1" and the seating position is perfectly acceptable), although rear space can be limited.

The competent roadholding ability of this vehicle is no secret, however I was still surprised at just how quickly this car can cover ground, particularly on twisty b-roads where the car really comes to life. Do not be put off by performance figures, with a 0-62 time of 10.2 seconds the Zetec-S falls short of some true "hot hatches" but this does not tell the full story. The 1.6 power plant delivers ample power even at low revs which, when combined with this cars nimble handling and precise gearchange allows it to hold it's own against more powerful rivals. This car is also composed at motorway speeds and is not as timesome on long journeys as other super-minis can be.

I have experienced driving faster cars e. g a Clio 172 and a Civic Type-R, both of which offer blistering pace. However the cost of ownership with these vehicles can be prohibitive too many (myself included). This is where the Zetec-S shines, as it offers a similar "grin factor" without breaking the bank, not leat where fuel and insurance premiums are concerned!

I would not necessarily recommend this car to somebody looking for a basic weekend run-about as a standard Fiesta would make more sense. Likewise, if you're easily put off by the odd squeak or rattle you may be better off with a VW Polo. If you're looking for cheap thrills and an enjoyable driving experience then I'd urge you to get behind the wheel and try one for yourself, as it's sure to put a smile on your face.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2005

27th Apr 2005, 06:44

I have just purchased a Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S, and what a purchase. This car is excellent value for money and does have the "Grunt" at low revs. Having had a Citroen Xsara 1.8 VTR, I thought I may notice the difference. However, the Fiesta is twice the car, cheaper faster, lower insurance, and much much more fun to drive! The only feature I miss is Air-con!

2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


The 1.6 16v engine isn't cheap to juice up.

Leather trim on the steering wheel fades.

General Comments:

The little Zetec does Ford proud; they have produced 105 bhp of a reliable everyday car that loves to be blasted off the corners with its rigid sports suspension.

I love the way the car looks, and for the few faults, have invested in a great little pocket rocket. My car is in a constant battle to head butt the horizon, and the engine is very wooshy and svelte.

I would recommend one to anyone, but particularly to 17-28 year olds who just want to have fun!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2005

2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 from UK and Ireland


It's a lovely car, but it will not last you!


From driving it out of the showroom, the dealer had neglected to repair a broken rear-window heater switch. It had to go back for repair. Also, when I received the car, it had not been valeted and was absolutely filth inside and out. I had to bring it back two weeks later for the valet. I wanted to reject the car, but they said it was not possible without losing my deposits.

At 3000 miles, the clutch had to be repaired. The reason being that it was near on impossible to engage reverse gear.

At 6000 miles, another component had to be repaired. I don't know the name of it, but it does the job of the distributor cap in older vehicles.

At 10,000 miles, the rear suspension began to give problems. It was knocking and making worrying noises at speed.

At 15,000 miles, the same problem re-occurred and the suspension was replaced.

At 19,000 miles, the car was involved in an accident. The engine was replaced, as were the gear-box, front and rear suspensions and other bits and pieces.

At 33,000 miles, the rear suspension again gave out and needed repairs.

Presently, at 49,000 miles, the rear suspension is again making the same noises, the car is using an astronomical amount of fuel and the door-open light seems to be on constantly. I am making a claim on my insurance to repair these faults as I am out of warranty. In its present state, it will fail the MOT.

The car has had the relevant services, as well as being properly maintained every week!

General Comments:

In fairness, apart from the above points, I have never had the car not start on me. I've had problems whilst driving the car, but never from cold.

The most annoying thing is the rear suspension. From reading other user reviews on the net, I have found that this is a commonly occurring problem, including the new Fusions.

The car handles fine. The 16 valve engine is a little sluggish, but it's a workhorse. It will happily do the mileage and keep up with the boy racers on the M1 if you wanted it to.

However, the inherent problems are just making owning this car a mission after only 3 years. My Ford dealer quoted me £5500 to repair the faults it presently has and as the car is simply not worth that, that is why I am making the insurance claim.

It is a shame, it looks good, it's a lovely ride and is very comfortable. Plus I really like the fact that it is black!

It is a shock to me. I think I may have bought a lemon. Others seem to be going well with their fiestas. I never drive at top speed, I never try and race people and I always regularly maintained the car. Every Sunday, I would check the oil, pump the tires, etc, etc. It just gave up on me, really!

Previous fiestas I have owned were pure work horses. They had tough little engines that would not break. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the newer ones.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

27th Nov 2004, 18:35

Firstly, What I don't understand is, how is it the cars fault if it was involved in an accident and the engine and gearbox had to be replaced.

Second, 50 000 miles on a 4 year old car is a bit on the high side.

Third, My fiesta is nearly 4 years old now and I have not encountered one problem with it (OK it needed some new brake pads a few weeks back, but theses are wear and tear items), you must obviously be doing something to upset it.

16th Apr 2005, 09:11

That's not high mileage!!! lol I did 80,000 in just over 3 years in my Zetec S without a single problem! What a great car it is! I would recommend anyone wanting a seriously fun taught handling sporty car to buy one! Have now got an ST150 which is more refined, but still loads of fun:)