2nd Jan 2009, 11:03

Ford Fiesta 52 reg, 29000 miles, fluid leaking, steering rack needs replacing. To replace the steering rack costs £1000 from Ford. It looks as though Ford steering racks don't last long or there is a major fault, which Ford will not admit to!

22nd Jan 2009, 08:30

We have a Ford Fiesta with a 52 number plate, and we too have just had the steering rack replaced. The car made a dreadful noise as we tried to back it out of the garage, and there was steering fluid on our garage floor.

We were told at our local garage that the Ford part would cost £500 plus labour and VAT, but a universal type part would be £200 plus labour & VAT. We went for the cheaper option, but the total bill still came to almost £400.

We used to have an old style Fiesta, and had no end of problem with the door locks. We understand that it was also a common problem that was known about by Ford.

20th Oct 2011, 14:28

Oct 2011 - Ford Fiesta 2004 reg - also with leaky power steering fluid. Took it to local garage - steering rack problem.

June 2011 - whole suspension went while the car was parked by the roadside whilst I was at work.

Spring 2011 - car overheating mysteriously. Radiator had to be replaced.

Oct 2011 - Steering rack has not sorted out the current noises, so I took the car straight back to the local garage. It now apparently needs 4 shock absorbers too!

Feel like this car is a total drain on our finances this year, just at a time I am out of work too... But how can you look for a job without a car, yet how can you pay for a broken car without a job...?

Has anyone tried Watchdog?