1999 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 from UK and Ireland


The most symbolic hatch since the VW Golf



General Comments:

Just purchased the car a couple of weeks ago, so a comparison with my previous vehicle is most valid.. GTV Alfa, a super coupe, however the Focus on first impressions is equally, if not more impressive. Handling is simply superb for this design of car, the interior roomy and the dash well designed, the only thing lacking is a bit of character in the engine dept. If only Ford could build engines like the Italians...

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Review Date: 26th June, 2000

1999 Ford Focus LX 1.8 Zetec from UK and Ireland


Recalled for oil line in February, other than that it has caused no problems.

General Comments:

The Focus is a fantastic surefooted drive and sticks to the road in all conditions (so far!). Performance is not as gutsy as other cars in its class (an equivalent Astra would beat it away from the lights) but on windy roads the handling more than makes up for it. Drive it around on a quiet Sunday morning when you have the road to yourself and you get out with a big grin on your face!

Economy is not bad, proving extremely efficient on long motorway journeys. The only problem I have is the backup service (Ford Direct warranty) and the general lack of information/support avaliable at the moment. Also concerned with residual values!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2000

1999 Ford Focus Ghia Estate 1.8 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Excellent car with more conventional looks than the hatchback


Main side and tail light fuse blew at 1200 miles, reason not known, fuse replaced and no further problems.

Tailgate refused to open at 8700 miles, spent 2 days in dealer for rectification. Part of catch assembly had broken, the biggest problem dealer had was getting it open to effect a repair.

General Comments:

Engine noise greater than previous Peugeot diesel but performance on par with Peugeot 306.

If you get the TDI Focus be patient, after 3000 miles the car really comes into its own.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2000

15th May 2001, 12:37

Further to the review, I still have this car and now have covered 35000 miles. Only fault since original report were front spotlights failed due to wiring chaffing and shorting out. The front discs are now showing signs of warping.

Things I don't like having lived with it for 18 months.

Blind spots caused by A pillar thickness

Meeting point of wipers leaves a drip in mid vision

Misting up whenever air con is turned off.

Otherwise it still performs like a dream and handles better than most cars on the road, some drivers that didn't think so, have found that out!!.

One last thing DON'T GET LOCKED OUT OF A FOCUS, I did, and the AA couldn't get in, even with their book of tricks. Hint keep a spare key in your wallet/purse.

25th Sep 2002, 11:39

Friday 4TH Oct 2002 will be a sad day as I say goodbye to the Focus. After 3 years as a company car it has to go, so with 70k on the clock it still performs as good as new. Very few faults in it's life, new suspension bushes and pedal box on last service, can't believe some of the comments people write about Focus's, seems you love or hate them. My new car will be the latest Focus TDCI Ghia estate, I just hope it's as good as this has been.

1999 Ford Focus Trend 1.8 ZETEC from Netherlands


Central lock remote replaced.

Leakage of windowcleaner fluid.

Sometimes motor shuts down without a clear reason (not solved yet, probably electrical problem).

General Comments:

Car sticks on the road real good.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2000

1999 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Major electrical problems, constant flat batteries, new fuel line, air-conditioning noise, RAC called 15 times in three months.

General Comments:

Appalling reliability and indifferent dealer service have ruined an otherwise excellent car.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2000

19th Mar 2001, 06:44

I live in the US and have a Focus ZTS. I have to agree with the assessment. The reliability of the car drags down what would otherwise be a great car to drive and own. Mine has been in the shop for 5 recalls, two tire disintegrations, an electrical system failure, holes in the floorboard, and transmission failure. Although the service is adequate it shouldn't be happening to a nine month old car. I hope these problems get worked out in further production runs both in Europe and the US.


9th Aug 2002, 04:28

I have a 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec with a knock coming from the steering, the garage is not sure, but thinks it may be the pedal box which is subject to a TSB, however I would appreciate any other thoughts. Otherwise a good car.

8th Dec 2002, 06:20

I have a 1998 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec. The steering feels very stiff and unresponsive at times which I feel may be dangerous. Also the brakes squeak and vary in response - sometimes hard, sometimes have to push down hard. Does any one else have this problem.

21st Jul 2004, 10:22

I have a 2002 Focus ZX5 with 40k miles. The car suddenly would stall, restarting attempts resulted in a "clicking" sound. Car restarts fine with use of jumper cables. Replaced battery (green eye turned red) with same results. Car is currently at dealership, which advises me they show "multiple ground fault trouble codes", however, they cannot pinpoint problem. Has anyone had same experience?