1999 Ford Focus Station Wagon (Trend) 2.0 from Sweden


Reliable, great loading capacity and engine, value for money if you can live with smaller hick-ups


Fuel gauge (intermittently) indicated empty tank when filled full. Started at 70000km.

"Noise/bounce" reaction from the pedal stand when operated - again not all the time. Found out too late that it was a known Ford Focus problem that if reported within first year it would have been a good-will repair - so I had to live with it. It would seem the sheet metal in the shaft fitting was too "wobbly" and would sometimes make a "pop" sound - very much like the sound/vibration when you press the surface of an empty cola bottle which is screwed tight and it gives in under the pressure you apply - irritating! (Anyone else out there who had the same issue? - please comment if that is the case)

Ford replaced rear right door after 80000 km when rust appeared a lower portion. No questions asked at no cost - positive good will! Would have done so up until 12 years of age!?!

Driver seat heating failed at 50000km and outside 3 year warranty.

Rear seat safety belt would not release when seat folded down - the result was that seat could not be flipped up without completely removing the seat belt lower fix point - very annoying (took time & special tools to do on your own too) and so I always as of then has to extend belt and clip it on before folding - that way I would have belt "to spare" when it was time to tilt up.

General Comments:

Very good handling on the road and easy to drive - my wife loved it for that reason.

The Trend model in Sweden is/was the 130BHP version and the power was just right for that car.

Extremely good load capacity (station wagon) for a mid-size car. We have two children and luggage/trolleys was never a problem. Focus is Volvo class in this respect!

Fuel consumption always on the mark and acceptable.

Brakes not as crisp/sensitive as one would like.

Heating in winter not adequate - at least not for the station wagon and I agree with other comments that mist on inside of screen was a problem on and off.

Never serviced a single time - did oil changes myself every 2nd year.

Anti-spin control (brakes and motor control) up to scratch and worked well in our winter climate.

Traded it in recently and was given good money - new car being a Nissan X-trail.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2006

1999 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Good cheap fun


Fan belt at 60000 miles.

Gearshift return spring at 61000 miles.

General Comments:

Fantastic to drive.

Seriously rapid.

Noisy engine.

Abysmal wind noise.

Poor interior quality and lack of basic equipment (not even a glove-box light!)


Great value for money, and cheap to repair too!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2006

1999 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 TDDi from UK and Ireland


A Superb all-rounder: Practical, yet fun


Wheel Bearing failure at N/S/R (Left Rear) at 130,000 miles.

Failed Central Locking Motor at around 140,000 miles.

Burst Boost hose at around 150,000 miles.

Leaking Injector Pipe at around 160,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love this car!

I always wanted a Focus since their UK launch in 1998. This one came up at a reasonable price when I was thinking of getting rid of my previous 1995 MK6 Escort. It was a diesel, which I need since I usually do over 25,000 miles a year.

This car isn't the fastest on the road. The engine is only 90PS (Around 88-89 bhp), however it's plenty quick enough for me. It has never refused to start, and has never failed in a manner that made it undrivable.

The interior is nice to look at, with Ford's late-90's "new age" era hitting with a bang. The interior is definitely not the boring items you'd find in all of the Focus' rivals at the time! It's a nice place to be with comfortable seats.

The car handles superbly! It's very easy to drive, and lets you know exactly what's going on. The steering is neither heavy nor too light: It's just perfect. The "control blade" suspension makes for fun cornering.

My example is an ex fleet car, which is why it's on such high mileage. However, despite it's high mileage, it still looks good, and drives well with no worrying noises. Many people have been passengers in my car and ask the mileage. I say "165,000" and their reply is "it's good for 65,000 then!". I repeat: "ONE HUNDRED and sixty-five thousand" and then it clicks: And they always say "well, it's even better for 165,000!!"

I could recommend the Focus to anyone. It's a superb all-round car, and my example has been excellent as far as reliability is concerned.

Some dealer prices are a bit extortionate, however, and I've seen Ford doubling the price for a part in the space of a couple of months. This is about the only downside to Ford ownership.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2006