2006 Ford Focus from Greece


Before few days I bought a car, a Focus 4d on 30-11-2006.

This day was raining.. When I opened the boot to put my luggage in, I saw plenty of water down to the carpet floor area.. I could not believe it...

Next day I went to the Ford garage and they fixed it.. I took my car away..

After 2 days again, there was water in the boot. I went back to fix it again...

Re-tested by the guys there. Again they searched with particular attention as if the car was theirs.. and I thanked them.. They realized therefore that the water enters from behind the window glass... They say that in the factory they did not put glue all the necessary places.

They pulled it off, took out the window glass, put in new glue, and then put it again..

However, who can me convince that in the future I will not have such problems again ??


Another problem that exists is the following. Back left light it touches humidity..

Consequently, I've lost all the joy that I had for my new car..

Left for good!!

I paid 18500 Euros and feel sadness!!

And finally that sticker that says QUALITY CONTROL FORD OK.. Why do they stick it on without checking the car?? Why is it full of water in the back??

And finally; I paid to buy a german car and it was Spanish...

My friends laugh at my FORD FOCUS..

I would like to return this, to take a new car or to get my money back...

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Review Date: 9th December, 2006

30th Jul 2007, 06:07

Of course this car should never had any leaks, but besides that have you had any problems? I'm on my third Focus and these cars are seriously good; my latest is a 06 model. No problems. It seems that your local dealer doesn't know what they are doing. Fixing a window leak shouldn't that hard?

2006 Ford Focus Climate 1.6 Ti VCT from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

Just collected a nine month old Focus Climate 1.6 Ti-VCT & I'm extremely pleased with it so far. The overall feel of quality is highly impressive. I looked at used Audi A3's, VW Golf's & Honda Civics - the Focus is a match in virtually every area except prestige. For a mid range mass produced vehicle it really feels very special. The interior quality is virtually identical to it's German rivals & the handling is superb.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2006

4th Dec 2006, 09:28

I agree with your comments about the new Focus. I bought mine, Zetec climate 1.6 Ti-VCT 5 door in March 2006. This was after test driving the Volkswagen Golf (over-rated and still selling on perceived quality to those who would buy a Lada if it had a VW badge on its bonnet) and the Renault Megane (refreshingly different, but plagued with all sorts of mechanical / electrical problems according to the owners reviews I've read).

After 9 months ownership the Focus still delights with it's beautifully weighted steering, responsive brakes and handling which would shame many so called Sports cars!

It has more than enough room for 5 people and all their stuff, and to date has been utterly reliable, well done Ford!

2006 Ford Focus zxw 1.9 from North America




A most pathetic air conditioner. If you live in a hot climate (I'm in AZ), you will drive around town a lot waiting for the car to cool off. At 105, after parking in the sun for 30 minutes, I drove 4-5 miles on the highway before I felt any cool coming from the vents. Dealer says: "They're all that way".

General Comments:

Has a light an "flimsy" feel. My 1997 Saturn was more substantial. It's not broken in yet, but I don't think it will even approach the EPA mileage estimates. Don't believe the window sticker.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

30th Jul 2007, 06:15

Most cars in this price range have small AC units. Besides that 4 cyl engine won't work with a large AC compressor/condenser, since this would zap all power out of the engine. Want serious AC capacity? Spend another $10,000 on a larger V6 car with a larger AC unit.

It's strange this comes as a big surprise to you. See--this affects most cars in this segment, and that's what test drives are for; right?

18th Mar 2008, 05:07

Having lived in the desert parts of Arizona, I understand the mind blowing heat when you get in a vehicle that has been left in the sun. Certainly someone had told you to leave your windows open a crack to let the heat out so it would reduce the inside temperature. And, as a previous reader commented, there is no way a four cylinder can support a big enough compressor to QUICKLY cool down an unshaded vehicle left in AZ sun. You also don't say if or what kind of tint you might have on the windows. There is a type available which has an interlaminar barrier that reduces heat in the vehicle---a lot! And one of the easist of all is to use an aftermarket windshield screen; one that is highly reflective of the heat. There is also available a solar powered fan that drops over the top of your window and has been proven to substantially reduce inside temps. Of course none of these is the magic button, but all combined can make your car almost bearable. BTW I'm now in Florida an own an SES wagon and quite frankly, it works awesome. The air conditioner was one of the reasons I got rid of my Corolla. It was a joke...