2006 Ford Focus SE 2.0 from North America


2006 ford focus zx4


The first 1500 miles, in the mornings you could feel a tick in the engine, but, I believe it was the breaking-in period. It hasn't felt no more.

General Comments:

The car has fast acceleration and handles great on high speeds (90-110 mph). It is very nice and comfortable to drive and is reachable to all doors within the divers' seat. It has side airbags (curtain) and dual front air bags. On a full tank I drive like 300-320 miles in city and like 375-390miles in highway.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

31st Mar 2006, 12:30

Here's hoping you never experience any of the problems suffered by other Focus owners (particularly the 2000 model year... the year the Focus was introduced). If I'm not mistaken, your model year was the first time Consumer Reports gave the Focus a decent reliability rating. Good luck.

17th Sep 2006, 18:20

I've read the Consumer Reports reliability ratings for years, and where they get their data is beyond me. We've owned a lot of the cars they give awful ratings to (including the early Focus) and have never had ONE SINGLE PROBLEM that they list as likely to happen. Gee, do you think just maybe they might get some perks from the Japanese car makers??

31st Aug 2012, 14:57

That is because in 2005 onward, Ford took advantage of its tie up with Mazda, and changed to its MZR based 2.0 Duratec engine. With the car being 5 years old, most of the kinks have been ironed out as well. Evermore, we can't just buy a car by looking at the brand. Some are badge engineered cars, and others are joint efforts by two or three car companies. In the case of Ford, it was smart for Ford to leverage Mazda's expertise in making small engines, and Volvo's expertise in its safety equipment.

2006 Ford Focus ZX5 5 door from North America


I love it to death, and so will you


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I had a 1998 Plymouth Neon Highline Sedan with 85,000 miles that I traded in for a sharp silver ZX5 with an automatic transmission. The Neon was a really good car up until I traded it in. The reason for trading the Neon in was that I know 2 people that have a 2005 ZX5 like mine, and love it. I have had mine since January, and I must honestly admit that I love the car a lot! I am a nurse and have 2 kids, and need a peppy and economical car for work. Trust me when I say this, but this car is the perfect fit for any single person looking for "cool wheels". It is also perfect for any college student or any 16 year old student who is just starting to learn to drive. This car is way quicker than the old Neon. Plus, it's much more comfortable and easier to drive. Just one test drive, and you will buy one quickly like I did.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2006

5th Jul 2006, 17:05

Congratulations on your Focus. As a mechanic, I've owned and driven cars from all domestic manufacturers and several foreign models. In spite of millions of dollars spent on advertising hype, I can assure you that the Japanese have no better quality than Ford, GM or Chrysler.

In the past 30 years we've owned over 30 cars. I usually have two (a car and a truck) and my wife has one. All, but two have been U.S. made and NONE has EVER had a major problem...EVER.

We currently own two GM vehicles (GMC and Pontiac) and one Ford. None has ever seen the inside of a service department except for scheduled maintenance.

We owned a 2001 Focus and never had one second's trouble with it. I hope you have the same sort of good luck. My only reservation about Ford is their HORRIBLE service departments. Our experience has been that GM service departments are the best.