2011 Ford Focus Edge TDCi 1.6 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Not bad


Oil and belt changes (basic servicing).

Exhaust fell off (back box); replaced for a fair price.

Major work to brakes and suspension at last MOT test.

Cosmetically has seen better days, but it is 10 years old now. Air con is useless, may just need a re-gas, but I'm not going to bother as it is winter now.

General Comments:

A decent car that I did not have great expectations for, but turned out to be OK. Very similar and fun to drive handling wise, much like my old 2005 Volvo S40, which these cars are apparently based on the same platform. The Volvo felt more refined and expensive than the Ford however, but both are similar to drive.

I like this Focus in blue with the alloy wheels; the Edge model has enough electric equipment for me. Interior is cleverly designed if a bit cramped, and visibility is good.

The 1.6 diesel engine is fast enough, but not as good on fuel as I had expected - the manufacturer claims over 60 MPG, but I get 50 on average, even on a good day, unloaded and serviced on time. I suspect they all exaggerate MPG claims, though interestingly most cars I have had before I got the combined average as claimed, but not out of this car unfortunately. Still, over 50 MPG for a 10 year diesel is good going and still economical to run today in 2021. Tax, repairs and insurance have also been very cheap.

In general it has been an easy car to own and run. If you are looking for a used modern hatchback yourself for little cash, these Ford Focus's make a good choice for basic transport, if you find a looked after one. Shop around for a friendly local mechanic to keep costs down as well and you are onto a winner; had mine 6 years with no major complaints.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2021

2011 Ford Focus S 2.0 Duratec from North America


Nice little basic car that's fun to drive


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I just acquired this car 12 days ago with 75,300 km on the clock (46,700 miles). The vehicle is in near mint condition inside and out, and looks near new when washed.

This example is the S model, so very basic with plastic wheel covers over steel wheels, manual crank windows and a 5 speed manual transmission. I'm attracted to basically appointed cars, and I enjoy a more utilitarian type of vehicle, never wanting for power features or fancy add-ons (I think a lot of the body features are ugly on some cars).

While I appreciate the car's simple nature, I do enjoy the modern safety features such as air bags front and rear, ABS, and stability control as standard.

I never used to be a Ford fan years ago, but I bought a 1999 Escort wagon which was a great little car. From there, another Escort wagon (which I owned for 11 years), a 2003 ZX3, and now the 2011 Focus. The Escorts started my love affair with the smaller Fords.

The 2011 reminds me more of the Escorts somehow in general feel. The Focus is larger, more comfortable and more powerful, but there is a similarity in general driving impression. The 2011 feels to me like a more mature, grown up Escort (I suppose that's exactly what it is in its model evolution).

I like the more chiseled like exterior styling over its counterparts. I think the overall body styling, the front grill and rear taillights have a certain class about them. The interior is well laid out, comfortable, and doesn't feel cheap to me as some reviewers have suggested (it is an economy car). Sometimes when you sit in the driver's seat of a specific car, it just fits and feels immediately right. I had this feeling when I first sat in the car. I did not feel this way when sitting in a Corolla, Versa or Rio.

I love the Duratec motor in this car. It's relatively quiet, responsive, and has more than enough power for day to day driving. It is every bit as lively and quick as my ZX3, but feels more refined and less buzzy. Fuel economy is also better than the Zetec engine.

The manual transmission is positive, buttery smooth, and very easy to shift between gears. When I contacted the woman who was selling the Focus, I was very pleased to learn that the car was a 5 speed manual. This is the nicest manual gearbox that I've had over the years (40 years of driving).

I've had great success with low operating costs and reliability with my Fords over the past 20 years. From what I've researched regarding this generation of Focus, I believe I'll have similar success. These cars seem to enjoy a long life and a good reliability record.

There may be more refined cars on the road within the class, but if you are looking for a well designed, basic vehicle that's easy to like with a certain utilitarian fun factor, I believe it's hard to go wrong with a 2011 Focus S.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2020

18th Dec 2020, 14:02

They are good cars, very popular over here in the UK, most are also manual transmissions like yours, but with smaller, more economical diesel engines.

19th Dec 2020, 12:06

Thanks for chiming in. I wish North American models would offer smaller, more fuel efficient diesel engines. I'd be driving one if so. Everything is just too darn big over here, which for the most part, is completely unnecessary and wasteful. But as mentioned, the 2.0 liter Duratec is a wonderful motor with a very good reliability record, and I do enjoy it.