2011 Ford Focus SE Sedan 2.0 from North America


A job well-done! I'm proud to say, "I own a Ford Focus!"


None. 100% reliable so far.

General Comments:

I am studying to be an Ergonomic Engineer. I am 18, in college, and contrary to my stereotype, I am very easy on my car. This was a demo car before I had it, and I bought it before the first oil change (at 4024 miles). I'm hoping to get 10 years out of this car, so I plan to be absolutely anal about maintenance. My previous car was a 2005 Taurus (an absolutely wonderful car), and the other car in my family is a 2010 Camry (poor excuse for a car), so those are my frames of reference.

I fit in the Focus like a glove. I am 5'6" and 225#, but I fit nicely in any seat. I can sit behind myself. I have even slept laying down in the back seat on a Boy Scout outing! I can drive for four hours and get out without any fatigue. Honestly, the seats in the Focus are the most comfortable chairs I will sit in all day! The back seat floor mats are too small. Whenever people are in the back seat, their feet go under the front seat. The mat needs to also go under the front seat. Ford also needs to find a way to put more cup holders and an arm rest in the back.

The Focus has adequate power, but it doesn't need to be a speed demon. It works as a commuter and it holds its own on the highway. The EPA rates this car at 24/35 in terms of city/highway gas mileage (in US gallons), but my mileage is more in the range of 26-28 in the city and 37-40 on the highway (lowest figure city I ever got was 24, and highest highway was 43). The best gas mileage in my Focus comes at 56-58 miles per hour; anything much past that and you will notice an increase in fuel consumption (more dramatically after 70 MPH). I am a "feather footer" and I do not ride on or slam the brakes. These figures also take into account the mountains and weather changes of Western Pennsylvania, so I am reasoning that in warmer climates and more level lands, the gas mileage would be better. For an economy car, the Focus is smooth (even more so than our 2010 Camry).

My biggest complaint (by far) is the transmission. It is a four-speed automatic, and it should have been a five. Around town, it works. It shifts smoothly and precisely. However, going up steep hills (an 11% grade over half a mile, for example), the engine will jump down to first gear to gain power, and it takes almost a minute to cover the distance. A fifth gear would also help with noise on the highway (although still leagues better than my father's 2010 Camry) and give the vehicle better highway fuel economy, by letting the engine turn at a lower RPM rate. Considering what we have to work with, the transmission does the job. It finds a gear and stays there. The biggest power band comes right at 3,000 RPM.

The gauges are bright and easy to read. The cruise control light should be placed either in the center of the panel or on the left-hand side. You use your left hand on the left side of the steering wheel to set cruise, so the light should also be on the left. I would also switch the speedometer and tachometer gauges (again, with my knowledge of ergonomic engineering). The control panel is designed wonderfully, although (solely by personal preference) the center of the climate control panel should have been a dial, not 7 different buttons. My favorite feature of the entire car is the fuel economy bar graph.

The car looks wonderful from the front (especially in the Blue Fire color), good from the sides, and moderately bland in the rear. I enjoy the styling (like a four-door sports car), but I know people who do not. The sweeps on the front bumper of the car help prevent parking lot scrapes, but they come to a point, making the bumper look almost "chunky."

Build quality is decent, but clearly the Focus is an economy car. I would have liked to see some fabric on the rear doors, and the plastic interior paneling on the rear doors is about one inch too short, exposing the blue paint on either door. People have complained about the plastic, but it is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant. The dashboard does collect dust rather easily. The passenger door speaker rattles when the radio is LOUD (not too often), but what do you expect from plastic?

One other little quirk: the trunk "handle" is just a cut-out of the bumper. When it snows, the "handle" gets iced over and you can't use it.

I will try to update this thread when I can. I look forward to many more miles of motoring in my Focus!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2012

22nd Sep 2012, 15:10

Wow, a Focus owner referring to a Camry as a "poor excuse for a car". Either the Focus has been vastly improved, or your dad's Camry is a fluke.

I can't speak for the quality of your Focus, but my family has owned 3 Fords, and each one was worse than the other.

To be fair, I have never owned a Camry, but have rented several, and each was a very capable & comfortable well-engineered car.

Personally, I prefer domestic vehicles (some European as well) & I wish I could say I would own another Ford (as the 2013 Fusion appears to be a very nice vehicle), however based on our past experience with the make, I just wouldn't take a chance. Perhaps after the new model has been on the market for a few years, and its reliability has been established, but certainly not now.

Please keep us posted on how the Focus holds up.

2011 Ford Focus Style 1.6 TCDi 110 bhp turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


What a machine, what a masterpiece


Nothing. But after just 7 weeks and 7,000km, there shouldn't be problems.

General Comments:

I cannot believe how good this car is. I had the 2005-2007 version before, and despite the lack of power and the thirst, I adored it.

This thing though... Good God! I chose the older version, because I found the Mark III a little dull to drive, and it doesn't seem as practical.

Torque is available everywhere, and the surge of power is fantastic. Left posturing boy racers behind on the motorway on a few occasions.

The acceleration is just relentless, wheel spin in second gear (third in the rain). No need to change down a gear to overtake, so a very relaxing drive when it wants to be. Despite this, I still average 4.4l/100km (64 MPG if you're still in old money). Road tax is rock bottom, and if my old Focus was anything to go by, maintenance costs will be next to nil.

Handling is amazing, especially considering the heavy diesel engine in front. Also, the steering gives fantastic feel in sport mode.

Comfort wise, the Focus is excellent. It soaks up bumps like a much bigger car with almost no body roll.

Lots of nice touches inside too, such as the sunglasses case above the driver's head, the lights over the sun visor, the quality of the interior.

Test drove the Astra, Golf, A3, Octavia and the Auris, along with the Mark II and III Focuses, and the Focus II is by far the best.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2012