2011 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 TDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Love it



General Comments:

I have this car as a company car. It is the estate version. I have never really drove a Focus before, but I love it.. I have the optional privacy glass and 17" alloys, which look nice.

Very nice drive, lacks cruise control, which would be nice. The steering is a little light, but I've got used to it now.

A little more low down power from start off would be nice, but apart from that, it's quick enough.

It's a great looking car, not seen any other estates on the road just yet, looks like a baby Mondeo from the back.

Has a great music system, DAB works well, and can bluetooth music through it too.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2011

25th Oct 2011, 10:09

Well I've now done 10k in the Focus, and expected the fuel economy to be better. I have the 1.6 TDCi, and only average 42.3mpg, which is poor. Lucky for me I get free fuel from work. Either way, I will mention this to the dealer when in for its first service.

I've also noticed the remote locking is flaky when outside different parts of the car. For example, it won't lock when close to the car and at the back; walk away and it's fine..

The in car DAB radio is a plus, it works really well.

19th Sep 2012, 03:04

Well I've covered 30k miles now, and can say I'm still happy with the car...

The engine has improved in terms of performance, but fuel economy is still poor compared to the Golf Mk5 I had before.

Wear and tear on the car is OK, no rattles to report, and it has only gone to the dealer for its normal servicing.

The only downside, and this doesn't affect me, as the car is covered by the lease company, is the tyre prices. Stay away from the 17" alloys at £200 per tyre... ouch!