2013 Ford Focus from North America


This was a car that we rented on a trip, so nothing went wrong.

General Comments:

We rented this Focus on a week-long trip, which covered about 500 miles. I always try to rent a different car each time, and so I figured I would try this one out for size.

First of all, in general I'd say the car was solidly built and well thought out. The fuel economy seemed reasonable as we achieved at least 30 MPG for the entire trip. The amount of "goodies" the car came with was also surprisingly generous for a compact econo car.

That said... this wasn't my favorite car I've driven. The model we rented was the hatchback model and there were some serious blind spots, which was partially remedied by the car's mirrors. Still - it was a bit concerning on the freeway when we changed lanes. I felt that the car's acceleration wasn't exactly satisfying. It, like many cars I've driven over the past few years, seems to have a pronounced lag from the time the pedal is pressed to when the engine actually responds. I felt that the car was a tad sluggish. Handling was decent. The braking was far too tight and sensitive.

I feel Ford really needs to work out their Sync system better, because I never was able to figure out how it worked. My phone does a better job of understanding what it is I'm trying to say. It seems like the only way Sync works is to know beforehand what commands you can use, which to me makes it a little useless. In fact, the overall layout and UI of the dash was confusing. The dash and center console are split up into lots of little separate segments, and trying to get an overall view of the current status was difficult. The controls were not obvious. It took me a long time to figure how how to get the cruise control to work. The wipers were totally confusing as well. Simply put, the controls were not very intuitive. To be fair, I would likely figure things out eventually. But I've rented other cars in the past where it was instantly clear what did what on the dash.

But overall, I'd say that the Focus is a good value vehicle, which really and truly offers a neck and neck competitive choice when it comes to econo cars. Both foreign and domestic.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2013

2013 Ford Focus SE Hatchback + 201A 2.0L Ti-VCT GDI I-4 PZEV from North America


*The* value choice under 20k USD


No mechanical problems at this time.

General Comments:

I had been eyeing the new Ford Focus for over a year, and I finally took the plunge. It was difficult to choose the model, as I was tempted to get the "ST" in North America, which has a turbo, but in the end, everyday practicality and comfort won out. The SE hatchback I purchased with the upgrade package was literally a *steal* off the lot with the level of discounts/incentives and dealer negotiation... I test drove the current Mazda3, Volkswagen Golf, GTI, and ST, before purchase. Loved the ride handling balance (a bit stiff over bumps with the 17" rims and upgraded suspension, but always puts a smile on my face around the corners :).

What I love about this car:

1) Value: so much car for the money.

2) Very stylish exterior and interior.

3) Lots of features and technology for the cost (even Hyundai cannot beat it).

4) Drives like a European sport sedan... for the price of an econobox car!

5) Good quality parts designed for low maintenance (synthetic manual tranny lube, ceramic brake pads, platinum/iridium plugs... Ford is going to put the dealer out of business!).

What I don't like:

1) The interior is a bit cramped. Center console is too big, rear seat could be redesigned to have another inch or two of leg space.

2) Door-sills have cheap plastic rather than soft touch.

3) Engine idles a bit rough at lowest idle speed (might resolve with break in or maintenance?).

4) Ford dealers - ugh! More on that later...

MPG: Driving home on long highway trip right after purchase, was getting about 35 MPG at about 75mph... very impressive with the engine not even broken in. Did a test the other night on open/flat highway; got 41.5 MPG at 65 with cruise control, and about 38 MPG at 72mph. I do need to calibrate the computer... it may be off. From all reports, this engine needs several more thousand miles to complete break in and give the best numbers.

Ford dealer who sold me car let it go without a small plastic 'pin' on the hatchback to hold the trunk cover cable... told me I could get one at any dealer for free if I give them VIN number for warranty... ha ha... went to two different local dealers, both wanted to either charge retail or schedule a 'warranty service' to diagnose the issue. Finally purchased the part, had the service rep put in, but then said he can't cover the cost without a 'broken part' to claim under warranty. Left feeling like dealers just want excuses to charge labor and parts, and it's best to (if at all possible) do my own maintenance! (have on all my other cars).

In the end, it's not a perfect car... it *is* an economy car, with some faults, and in America at least, the Focus/Escort lines still have a bad reputation in many people's minds... but with this new design and build, Ford has really upped the ante, and you should at least consider this car if you are looking at this price range. This car beats the current Toyota Corolla, Volks Golf, and Mazda 3 hands down!

And it never fails to put a smile on my face when I go around a turn at fast speed... wonderful handling... this car would be comfortable on the German autobahn.

This is a new car, so I will update my review in the future.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2013