16th May 2007, 00:58

I just traded in a 2007 Focus because of problems with the seats. On trips lasting longer than 45 minutes to an hour my back would ache so much that I could barely go on. The seats are very uncomfortable, and the adjustments are not very helpful. I did like everything else with the car, though, so for somebody who does not have the back problems I have, it would be a wonderful little car. For a four cylinder it is a very peppy little car, handles great and gets good gas mileage, around 30 average. Mine was a hatchback, and the back seats were a bit difficult to get into for adults, but kids do fine. The luggage compartment is surprisingly large, and it is amazing how much you can haul. Other than problems with the seats, I loved the car, although I missed having a bigger car at times. I went from a mini van to this tiny little thing, and am now back into something larger again, a midsize sedan. If you are used to a larger car, a Focus will be a shock to your system.

12th Oct 2007, 18:56

Very useful to read the comment about the duff seats, as I have been comparing the Focus alongside the Bora (Jetta in US/UK) and will now no longer consider the Focus.

I used to hire Mondeos all the time in the UK and the seats were superb, but the last one I had a couple of years ago had shocking seats. I drove about 1,500 miles in a week and was in great pain most of the time. I had always previously heard rave comments about the Mondeo seats, but it appears that Ford has tried to fixed what weren't broke and failed; not only that, it now sounds as it their new uexcrutiatingly uncomfortable seat policy has been passed on to the Focus as well!

15th Dec 2007, 04:55

I have to agree for you guys who has had problems with the seats. I believe Ford needs to change the style and comfort on all 2007 Focus. Sharp little car, specially fire red. Great Gas mileage, and the option of having heated seats is great in the cold winter times. I bought my 2007 Focus in March and it had only 3 miles. if you want low mileage when you buy a vehicle, pick one from the show room. most of them never been test drove. However, if you have a big family of +4, I recommend getting something like the Fusion or the 500 or event the new Taurus are looking sharp.

6th Feb 2008, 13:08

Thanks for the review on the Focus. We owned a 2001 ZX-3 that was loaded with every available option and listed out at at pretty hefty price. It was absolutely flawless, but we did find the interior a bit lacking on space.

For what we paid for that one, we could now get a nicely equipped Fusion, which is much roomier.

As far as the seat comfort goes, we never noticed that the seats in our 2001 were any less comfortable than any other cars we have owned. Maybe the newer ones are different. We found the power, handling and reliability of our 2001 to be excellent. It was much better in every respect than our '89 Civic.

We now drive Fords and GMs and never have any problems with any of them. We do find that the GM vehicles tend to have a bit smoother and more comfortable feel.

5th Mar 2009, 11:02

I have to agree with the seat problem! I have horrible back problems and the seats make this car horrible to ride anywhere in! But.. as far as it being a great car and getting another one.. NEVER! I have had nothing but problems with mine! I have put more money into fixing it and making it drivable than money for gas.

As of right now it has 36,000 miles on it and it is parked with a bad alternator! And the cheapest one we have found is 300 bucks! I can't wait to get rid of it!