2007 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Disappointing, slow, dreary, unreliable model


Kept going into limp mode; dealer never found out why, even after sensors and ECU change. Cut out for no reason intermittently, almost causing crashes.

General Comments:

Having a faultless '04 Focus 1.8 Zetec as my first car, my hopes were high for its '07 equivalent. Big surprise!

The engine was poor performing. Slow and sluggish. The gearbox was bad, noisy and regularly not wanting to go into gears. MPG was OK, 35 around town. 40-45 on a run. Handling left a lot to be desired. Not much feedback from the steering, poor road holding and surprisingly bad parking. Comfort level was OK, with average leg room. Boot size again average. Everything internally felt cheap.

Nothing but problems running wise. The car at times would just cut out, which is obviously extremely dangerous. Dealer couldn't find the issue, and in the end took it back as a part ex. This was the worst car I've ever owned. Maybe just fell on a really bad one, but it put me off Ford forever.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2018

23rd Apr 2018, 14:18

You definitely got a bad one, especially with the cutting out and so on. Sounds like it wasn't looked after. Anyway, the car itself should have been better or a slight improvement over the old model, with performance and handling at least matching the old one.

24th Apr 2018, 16:29

Please before you buy any car available, do your research. So many bad cars out there now... it's endless. Some are new and some are used. Use this format carsurvey.org and carcomplaints.com for information on the car you want. Viewing carcomplaints.com it says electric problems were the number one issue with the 2007 Focus, centering around problems with the alternators. But compared to the 2012 Focus... you got a good one. Also Consumer Reports just came out with their buying car guide in April. Everyone buying a car new or used should read that cover to cover before making a decision. But remember people that abuse their cars buy their recommended cars too, so to be safe take any used car to a good certified mechanic to weed out these abusers who think changing their car oil is for the weak.

16th Sep 2019, 14:15

I must bring to your attention that: carcomplaints.com is an American Website for American Market made & Spec cars.

My late father was an importer of American cars for 23 years, and he would often say that American quality was poorer than European, and some British cars. Check reviews on American made Honda's and Toyota's in particular. Fit & finish (component's, paint & assembly) was always well below Japanese standards.

The same could be said for Ford, GM, & Chrysler; don't forget they almost went bust during Obama's Administration, hence his Cash-for-Clunkers programme. Many old but more reliable cars were destroyed in favour of current, but poorer quality 'New' cars.

Going back to carcomplaints.com, it confirms what I have said about USA built vehicles in general. You'll find that Euro & Japanese counterparts fare a lot better!

17th Sep 2019, 09:10

I am glad you said “some” British cars. Which ones are great with maintenance? Then factor in parts cost vs a domestic equivalent.

2007 Ford Focus Titanium 1.6 TDCi turbo diesel from Norway


Good to drive, good mileage, expensive to keep it running. Unreliable


Rear suspension rod, DPF filter, one of the diesel injectors, gas-adjustment-housing(?), low compression.

I paid around $9000 and have spent $7000 on repairs. The most expensive car I have ever owned; I have nearly paid the price of the car in repairs the last two years. Just waiting for the next problem to show up.

General Comments:

OK to drive. Repairs are expensive. It's possible to do your own repairs if you want. Parts are easy to find, but because of all the small changes in every model, it can be hard to find the correct part. Will now buy a new car because I want the warranty and four wheel drive for taking us up to our cabin, even in a foot of snow.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2016