2007 Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 from UK and Ireland




Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Lovely car. I wish I had bought one of these back in 2004 when I last changed.

Beautifully smooth and quiet VCT-ti engine. Almost inaudible at idle. Quite economical as well, 36MPG local journeys, 46MPG motorway at asteady 70MPG.

Seats a bit hard but not bad.

Spacious cabin and well shaped boot.

Ride, handling, steering, gearchange and engine are all absolutely top grade. The build quality is very good as well.

Brakes need a fairly heavy push to get them to stop quickly but you get used to it.

Road noise suppression could be better - change of tyres may help.

Overall this is a fantastic car and massively better than my previous car which was badly built and pitifully unreliable.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2008

25th May 2011, 06:49

The car is now on 34000 miles, and is still providing reliable service.

The only problem I had was the dashboard temperature control for the cabin heater broke - or more accurately the cable came adrift. To fix this problem, I had to get the stereo removed and then re-attach the cable. I modified it a bit to make it stronger. A bit annoying and fiddly, but the repair cost nothing, and the car still worked, albeit without a heater. I searched on the Internet, but despite the Focus being a very popular car, I couldn't find any other reference to this problem, so can only assume mine was a poor quality plastic clip.

Other than that minor issue, it provides good service, and is comfortable with a huge boot. It's no ball of fire, but then I always knew a 1.6 would be adequate rather than fast. The handling and ride combination, together with sharp steering is still delightful - I've driven cars costing far more than the Focus, and have been disappointed. The way this car steers through the bends inspires confidence, and the gear change is excellent, being light and snappy.

The 1.6 ti-VCT is, in my view, the best of the 1.6 petrols. Being of variable valve timing, there is an extra surge of power around 3500rpm, which is useful for overtaking. It's quite torquey and economical. One point to note however is that the ti-VCT has a cambelt rather than a chain, so that will be an expense in the future - although I doubt I will have the car by then, as there's a new model out now.

Some journalists have criticised the interior quality, since some of the plastic trim is hard and not the latest trend for 'soft feel'. What a load of nonsense. It's all well assembled and no creaks or rattles. Leave the 'soft-touch' nonsense to the journalists who wouldn't know the difference between a thrust washer and a dishwasher. People who equate 'soft touch' plastics to high quality don't know what they're on about, and certainly know nothing about engineering. The Focus interior is perfectly good and durable. A family hatch well suited to family use, then.

2007 Ford Focus 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good value and enjoyable to drive. Oz cars have poor safety spec


Plastic trim quality isn't great. Entire plastic boot trim comes away from boot lid if we used the handle in the trim to close boot.

Also has poorly fitting rubber seal on passenger door - it has ripples because there is too much rubber.

Glove box light stays on when glove box is shut (can see a shard of light at night).

General Comments:

For AU$20k (circa £9500) when new in Australia, these cars are good value transport and the handling is pretty sporty compared to similar cars I have owned. The purchase price in Australia is around £3k cheaper than a base Focus in the UK, but the ones in Australia have lower spec (although a 2.0 engine). Our model has no side airbags, no curtain airbags and no the ESP (anti-skid system), which are all standard on the base model Focus II in the UK.

My only other gripe with the car is that for tall drivers, the drivers seat doesn't adjust low enough (and the passenger seat does adjust at all). When going down steep hills I am stooping to see under the top of the windscreen.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2008