2007 Ford Focus SE 2.0 petrol from North America


Great commuter! Great mileage


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I bought this car as a commuter since my drive to work is 25 miles one way. It has been a great purchase. I consistently get 34-35 mile per gal - about 80% is highway driving. It's not the mot comfortable car I have ever owned, but it's fine for commuting and short trips. I could go a couple hours without any need to get out an stretch. I have the 5-speed and it has plenty of power. My wife occasionally drives it with our two small kids as well for short trips around town. We have put a lot of miles on it in a short time and it has been great. Super good mileage as well.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2008

22nd Sep 2015, 00:34

Saw 4 of these that NAPA used as transfer vehicles; cars with the rear seat removed, all close to 300,000 miles, still running and driving, sold off at an auction.

Should tell you something.

2007 Ford Focus TDCi 2.0L turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Ford Australia's best kept secret


CD player stopped working at 2700km, fixed under warranty.

Rattles from under front passenger seat, after several tries managed to mostly fix by dousing the whole slider mechanism with silicon lubricant.

Clicking noises from drivers seat when taking left hand turns, dealer couldn’t hear it (of course) so have attempted to fix myself, have had some success so far.

Rattles from rear left quarter window, comes and goes.

Car has more rattles and clicks than any car I’ve previously owned including an ’86 Corolla (NZ built, sold with 200,000km), ’90 EA Falcon (NZ built, sold with 224,000km) and a ’93 626 wagon (Japan built, sold with 260,000km). I’m not sure if build quality is the issue (South African built) or if it’s design flaws (blame Germany).

No mechanical issues have surfaced yet. It has a 5 year 100,000km warranty instead of the usual 3 years, Ford were giving away an extra 2 years for free when I bought it.

General Comments:

This is the first passenger diesel that Ford Australia introduced and is currently only available in LX hatch 6 speed manual spec. The LX is the middle of the range model here but the diesel version is badged the TDCi. Costs A$4000 more than the petrol LX. We also have the new Mondeo diesel which uses the same engine but is 6 speed auto only (lift-back or sedan only at the moment).

Mine was the first one the dealer sold (the demo) and has just had it’s first proper service (15,000 km). I thought I would write the review after having it for 9 months and a few thousand km’s, rather than do what some do and write a review after 2 days and 200km.

Without doubt the best parts of the car are the engine and gearbox. The engine’s torque is phenomenal, you can overtake anything in top gear and it just rockets once the turbo’s kicked it. At 110kph it’s only revving at 2000rpm in 6th. The gearbox itself is the best I’ve ever driven, the changes are snick snick smooth, whereas the 6sp gearbox in my work vehicle (’07 Holden 3.6L SV6 Utility) are crunch crunch rough, and it’s also gutless in comparison, most noticeable when passing someone- it needs to be chucked back into 4th to get some decent power. And it drinks like an alcoholic in comparison.

Fuel use has been as Ford claims (5.6L per 100km overall), have had as low as around 4.6L per 100km open road and around 5.8L around town. Diesel was A$1.30 per litre when I bought it in Sep ‘07, is now over A$1.80 per litre in Brisbane.

Handling is excellent, as the Focus is known for. But road noise is quite loud on course chip roads, which the Focus is also known for.

Don’t like the lack of interior lights, only 1 by the mirror and no ignition key light. My 626 had them all over the place. Also not keen on the hard plastics on the doors or the unsupportive seats with no lumbar adjustment or side bolstering(middle spec after all, but still!). The superb handling is wasted on these seats. Would love to get the Recaro seats out of a wrecked XR5 Turbo (aka ST overseas) if I can find some. Don’t like the plastic engine oil dipstick, hope it doesn’t snap off in the engine one day. Am now used to the indicator and wiper controls being reversed compared to cars of RHD origin. Now I sometimes find myself flipping the wipers on the Holden by accident when I’m turning. Don’t like that I have to hit the air recirculate button every time I start it. I prefer to drive without everyone else’s fumes around me.

Love the fact the air-con doesn’t hamper performance at all. Also love that if I’m being tailgated, I just put my foot down and they get a vent load of diesel smoke!

All in all a good little performer, with only the interior noises letting it down so far.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2008

22nd Jul 2008, 02:52

Welcome to the world of Turbo Diesels. When you've started there's no way back ;-)

10 years back I told myself that there's no way I'm driving a diesel. But here I am on my third turbo diesel. I had the Focus TDCI before, and its engine and transmission can rival anything on the market, including Audi/VW, BMW and compact MB's.

But it's clear that Ford has cut some corners to get the cost down. Yes, it is quite noisy and the interior seem very cheap. My seats were supportive and very comfortable, but I had upgraded seats/interior which is a "must have" on these cars. I had a rental for a day, which was one of the entry level versions, and my back started to ache after one hour of driving.