2007 Ford Focus SES Hatchback 2.0 from North America


Never again


The hatch started squeaking on any rough road at about 30000 km, and that was really annoying.

Also around 60000 km the transmission starting shifting really hard (enough to spill a coffee). I had the trans reverse flushed and put in a new filter, but still no better.

Been really reliable otherwise. Always started, and I've gone cross country from coast to coast several times. Although it got not even near the fuel mileage it was supposed to get. Maybe 22-26 mpg depending on the driving style on the highway, and I am by no means hard on the car. STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL BRAKES IT WAS MANUFACTURED WITH.

General Comments:

Very uncomfortable on long trips. Don't care for being shoulder to shoulder with my passenger, but head room and leg room is great for a small car. Huge blind spots when you try to do a shoulder check to merge into another lane.

For the price, I find that the interior is fairly well built. Speakers that came with the audiophile package sounded great, although they didn't last long. I'll take 100% responsibility for that though.

When it comes to power, it has none. The manual or sport model would have been much better. With the AC on, a hill climb is painful. I drove through the Rockies and will not do it again until I get a new car. While I have driven worse, it was because I've had many cars that cost me less than a grand, and I expected more for $18000.

I would still buy a Ford, just not a Focus. I loved the car for a week, and have hated it for the last few years.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2009

3rd Jun 2011, 14:09

I have a 2007 Ford Focus SES hatchback with the winter package. It is the perfect fit for me. I love the heated seats.

I removed the low profile rims and put on regular ones, what a difference this made. I drive approx. 160 km to work and back every day; part gravel, part highway, no problems there, except that I couldn't open my doors... this was caused by dust build-up from the gravel road.

Also, it is a low riding car, and I could not drive home a couple of times last winter and the winter before, because of the amount of snow on the highway, and my front bumper is broken because of hitting the snow on the road.

The battery had to be replaced while still under warranty.

The command start will only work when it feels like it, mostly not, and I have had this checked quite a few times, but still have problems with it.

The wipers go on when I unlock my doors sometimes, don't know why. But this car is very reliable. I bought it new in Jan 2008 and have no intention of trading it in in the near future... but... As for local service, I do not think I will ever buy another Ford product for myself.

2007 Ford Focus LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


This car has it all



General Comments:

What a car.

Supremely comfortable with all the luxuries you'd expect. Not fast, but the handling more than makes up for it. The car feels great in the bends with no body roll.

People criticize the styling, but I actually prefer it to the old Focus because this car's looks will age well.

Superb car. If you want a reliable, comfortable small family car the old answer was buy a Corolla. Not any more. No other car has the same mix of fun, value and dependability.

To Golf and Astra owners, you bought the wrong car.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2009

4th Jun 2009, 12:09

It probably will be a dependable car for you, but it's a little soon to say that - you've only put on 2000 miles.

6th Jun 2009, 04:19

I had a 2004 Focus 2 before this, and the only thing I replaced was the tyres. And I drove that for 55,000 miles.